Mount Cardigan and Newfound Lake Trail System ~ May 3rd, 2014

 Our route for the hike, click here for more details
 Cole puts on his hiking face
 Running up and down the lower section of the Holt Trail
 Short steep scramble in the woods
 Some snow and ice remains where the sun doesn't shine
 First scramble up the open ledges
 Cole runs up it and waits for us!
 Hiking over the middle section of the rock slab
 Town of Alexandria
 Alton scrambles up some slab
 Navigating around some snow and ice
 This was the hardest section, but there was plenty to hold onto
 Alton makes her way up the last scramble (off trail)
 Cole goes for  dip on the summit of Mount Cardigan
 Heading over to the Firescrew
 Looking back up to Mount Cardigan's summit
 The summit outlook tower
 A.T. / Manning Trail junction
 Heading down the Manning Trail
 Zoon in of the upper section of the Holt Trail, our route in yellow
 Mount Cardigan summit cone
 The Manning Trail
 Cole finds an alpine bog!
 down climbing the ice and snow still left in the woods
 Cole goes fishing!
 Cole dragging his catch down the street
 Cole having a little difficulty dragging his stick home
 Now he gets the hang of it!
 Hiking across the street from Newfound Lake
 Big Sugarloaf Summit
View of Newfound Lake from the Sugarloafs

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