My old man retired in 2000, one day while cleaning out the garage with his trusty dog "Teddy Toons" by his side he placed an empty bottle of beer he’d just finished on the wall, a few days later he found himself back in the garage (while hiding from my mother) and as he finished another cold one again he placed it on the wall. Over the next ten years him and his band merry men would go on and contribute beers (over 2,000 bottles) to be drank and then placed on the wall of the garage which became known as the The Beer Bottle Hall of Fame or the "BBHOF"

However one day in late May of Twenty-Ten unbeknownst to anyone in the republic he would abruptly end the BBHOF and ceremoniously burry the bottles (very legally I might add) in the backyard under a ton of wood chips. Just like any mad scientist (or in this case mad New England Liberal) there was no rhyme or reason for this but it sure was a fun and not so sober ride while it lasted…

Founder, CEO and Dictator For Life
Joe Dailey

Head Curator & Old Timers Wing
Don Earnshaw, N. Providence RI

Associate Head Curators
J B Dailey, Arlington VA (Beer Of The Month)
Lee Emery, N. Providence RI (Curmudgeon)
Phil Howell, Smithfield RI (Scribe)

Senior Assistant Curators
Tom Bellayuto, Pleasanton TX (Southwest)
Tim Calderara, Cranston RI (Northeast)
Mike Cunningham (Carolina Shore)
Art Curry, Warwick RI (Cape Cod)
Pete McBride, N. Providence RI (Northwest)
Chris Walusiak, Smithfield RI (New England)
Bob Stephenson, Cranston RI (Chef)

Board of Directors
Ken Beaton, East Greenwich RI (GovernmentAffairs)
Giuseppe Bellayuto, Cincinnati OH (Ohio)
Brandon Blindt, Charlotte NC (Tobacco Row Carolina)
Kevin Cunningham, Arlington VA (Wherever)
Tony Dore, Westport MA (Mid-West)
Ed Flanagan, Smithfield RI (Arizona)
Phil Hopfee, Vancouver (Canada)
Jack Kelly, Smithfield RI (Caribbean)
Ron Lamothe, N. Providence RI (Links Adviser)
Jim Mitchell, Arlington VA (The District)
Mike Sponsler, Atlanta GA (Deep South)
Wizzer White, Narragansett RI (South County)
Jim Wingate, Somewhere TX (Southwest)

Web Master / Super Hiker
C.T. Dailey, N. Providence RI