Grand Canyon to the River and Back ~ May 16th, 2014

The setting moon, early morning along the rim Trail
The sun slowly falling below the south rim
Breakfast for this little guy along the Rim Trail
Looking down from the South Rim
Looking across to the North Rim
The South Kaibab Trail descends this rim wall and out to Cedar ridge
South Kaibab Trailhead
Mules have the right of way!
View from the upper walls of South Kaibab
This is where the views start to really open up
Trail turns to clay
Great views while descending along the rim walls
O'Neill Butte
Hiking along Cedar Ridge
South Kaibab Trail
At Cedar Point there is a bathroom
Huge views while dropping down from Cedar Point
O'Neill Butte
Looking back up to Cedar Ridge and up to Yaki Point
Red scarred walls and a red clay trail
The Grand Canyon, looking northwest
Looking back to where I just dropped down from
A nice flat section out in the open...
Before dropping down dozens of swithcbacks
The Colorado River makes it's first appearance!
Holes carved out by weather over millions of years
Looking over to Horseshoe Messa
Half way down!
More walls below the South Rim
Making my way down to Tonto Point
Zoroaster Temple makes it's first apparent
Tonto Point Plateau
South Kaibab Trail, looking back up
A nice flat section along Tonto Plateau
A spot for hikers to take a break
Cedar Ridge
Emergency phone
Starting the drop down into the inner gorge
South Kaibab Trail
Looking back up
Skeleton Point
Long way down to the Colorado River
Every step there is a great view of the canyon!
Mule Train!
It's the cavalry!
The Black Bridge makes its first appearance
The Black Bridge
Looking down at Bright Angel Campground and the Silver Suspension Bridge
Siler Bridge
Entering the Black Bridge
Pretty cool stuff right here!
Black Bridge
The Colorado River, looking east
The Colorado River, looking west
Colorado River
More mules!
A little history lesson
Black Bridge, notice the mules going across!
Bridge info
A couple of deers cooling off their feet
Mule pen at Phantom Ranch
North Kaibab Trail
Phantom Ranch
Ranch info
Phantom Ranch
Heading back to the South Rim
Bright Angel Creek info
Bright Angel Creek
Bright Angel Campground
Silver Bridge info
Silver Bridge
High rising cliffs along the Colorado River
Colorado River, looking west
Silver Bridge
Colorado River, looking east
The Bottom of the Grand Canyon
Silver Bridge
Sandy portion of the Bright Angel Trail
The Colorado River snakes through the bottom of the ravine
Me on the Bright Angel Trail
The Bright Angel Trail is mostly level as it heads around the lower canyon cliff walls
Emergency phone area
Heading back up into the canyon
An old mine cave
The Bright Angel Trail travels up what it called the Devi's Corkscrew
Everywhere you hike there are natural amphitheaters
Breaking out into the open for a little bit
Heading into the Tapeats Narrows
Hikers making there way to Indian Gardens
Amazingly, in this heat how healthy this tree looks!
It rminds me of the weather warning signs in the Presidential Range
Indian Gardens info
It was hot but not too hot!
Heading out to Plateau Point
Tonto West!
The Colorado River from Plateau Point
At Plateau Point
South Rim
Great views all around
Colorado River
I think this is what is called the 'Battleship'
Zoroaster Temple
Cacti line the trail near Indian Gardens
Heading to the South Rim in the afternoon sun
Water Pipe
Looking back down to Indian Gardens
This wall was covered in lime
Water station
Heading up Jacob's Ladder
Plateau Point and Indian Gardens
Plateau Point
Zoom in of Plateau Point
Bright Angel Trail arrow, just in case the trail isn't obvious!
Top of the South Rim
Route for the day, click here for more details

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