Mount Moosilauke ~ April 21st, 2014

 Hike information and map, click here for more details
 Matt at the beginning of the Beaver Brook Trail
 Lower Beaver Brook Cascades
 Matt and Patrick heading up the Beaver Brook Trail
 Matt and Patrick carefully make there way up the steep and semi-icy rebar section
 Theresa getting solid footing as she ascens the steeps next to the cascades
 Middle Beaver Brook Cascades
 Upper Beaver Brook Cascades, still iced over but not for long with the warm temperatures
 The gang makes their way up the final excessively steep section
 Denise powering up the Beaver Brook Trail
 Fist time and a long time for views on the Moose!
 Beaver Brook Lean-to
 Franconia Ridge
 The lean-to is twenty-one years old and is in great shape
 Mount Liberty and Flume with Washing way in the background
 View from the lean-to
 Looking up at Mount Moosilauke from and outlook near Mount Blue 
 Bare ground above treeline, spring is here!
 Loon Mountain and the Town of Lincoln
 The gang breaks out above treeline!
 Denise zooming in to take pictures of the Franconia Ridge
 Mount Lafayette and Mount Lincoln
 Franconia Ridge
 Heading up to the summit
 The Appalachian Trail heads north over everything in this picture, Kinsman and Franconia Ridges!
 Looking at Mount Moosilauke's South Peak
View from the top 
 Hanging out on the open bare summit while enjoying the views
 a lil' patch of ice on the summit
 the next day this was completely melted
 Mount Blue's Summit!
 Denise using a tree to help her navigate down a steep section
 Enjoying the lower cascades
 A long time ago a plane crashed on Mount Moosilauke, I have yet to check this out, another thing to add to the list of hiking adventures!
Beaver Brook Trailhead in Kinsman Notch, part of the Appalachian Trail

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