Mount Pierce / Mount Eisenhower / Mount Monroe / Mount Washignton ~ April 12th, 2014

Dawn at Mount Washington Hotel and the Presidential Range
Start of the Crawford Path, the oldest maintained trail in the United States
This little guy found some yummy garbage, so I named him Oscar
Still plenty of snow on the Crawford Path below treeline
Breaking into the scrub below Mount Pierce
Webster Cliff / Crawford Path Trail Junction, the Crawford Path now becomes part of the Appalachian Trail
Mount Pierce Summit Area
Early morning from Mount Pierce
Clouds layers above the Camel and Boott Spur
Presidential Range as seen from Mount Pierce
Along the Crawford Path
Heading to Mount Eisenhower, the trail goes in and out of the scrub
Looking back at Mount Pierce
Mount Carrigain and the Vose Spur
Mount Jackson and Webster with Mount Carrigain and the Hancocks behind it
North Twin Mountain and its slide
Eisenhower Loop Junction
Heading up the Eisenhower Loop Trail
Mount Eisenhower Summit Cairn
Descending the Eisenhower Loop Trail
Heading north to hook onto the Crawford Path again
Edmands Path / Crawford Path Trail Junction
Looking back at the 'Pleasant Dome' - Mount Eisenhower
Mount Carrigain as see from the Crawford Path
Mount Washington Hotel
Mother Nature groomed this section of trail
Lil' Monroe and Monroe with Mount Washington
Crawford Path near the 'Franklin Flats'
Heading towards Mount Franklin
Thawing out!
Mount Franklin Summit
Looking back south from Mount Franklin
Mount Monroe rising high above the Oakes Gulf
Mount Monroe, below this is the Crawford Path which just disappears into steep snow field
Mount Monroe and Washington
A lonely cairn along the Crawford Path
This used to be the Cross Cairn (it's falling apart) on the Monroe Loop Trail
Southern Presidential Range as seen from Mount Monroe's Summit
Lakes of the Clouds Hut, lots of snow, notice the hiker roaming around the roof!
Mount Washington
Closed until June!
One sad looking dog house!
Dungeon with a view!
Frozen Solid Lakes of the Clouds
Camel Trail
Mount Monroe
Cool looking saucer cloud floating above the Presidential Range
OddCool looking cairn along the Camel Trail
Cairns marking the way along the Camel Trail
Bright sun shinning and melting the snow
Davis Path
The Big cairn on the Davis Path
Boott Spur
Perfect day high above the trees!
Looking south, Black Mountain ski area can be see to the far right
Wildcat Ski Area
Mount Washington
Skiers heading up the steep snow fields below Mount Washington
Mount Monroe and Mount Eisenhower
Davis Path
Skiers along Lion Head Trail heading to the 'LIP'
Heading north to Mount Washington
Skiers slowly making their way up
A line of skiers heading to the eastern snow fields
Huntington Ravine makes for a great backdrop as it dwarfs the tiny skiers marching to the summit
The Davis Path Plateau
Lakes of the Clouds Hut getting busy
The Twin Range with the Franconia Ridge behind it
Summit tower and buildings popping up
Castle in the Clouds
Northern Presidential Range
Old telephone wire??  Mount Willey is in view here
Weather Observatory
Mount Washington 6,288
Nelson Crag Trail
Mount Adams and Madison
Cog Tracks
Looking back up the semi snow covered tracks
Skiers making their way up
Some places the tracks are exposed
Other places they remain burried
Dogs on the Cog Railway!
Semi steep drop off to the right, easy to walk up but a little harder to descend, I stayed to the left
Jacob's Ladder makes its first appearence
Jacob's Ladder
Hiking along the cog is a nice alternative to the trail this time of year
Jacob's Ladder marker
Skiers heading up to ski down the tracks, or Great Gulf, or down to Pinkham
Nice wide open 'road' along the tracks
Big clouds came rolling in around noonish
Tracks now above the snow for good
Looking back up to Washington's summit
Waumbek Water Tank
Final stretch of tracks above Marshfield Station
Making my way off the mountain
Brenton Woods
Looking back up one last time
Choo Choo!
The Cog Railroad
Parking lot is full!
Historical Marker
Base Station Road
Welcome to Mount Washington
Clinton Road, it was bare in spots, light coverage in others, and...
Deep snow as the road approaches the Crawford Path and Route 302
Route 302 at the Highland Center
Jeep at the Highland Center
Map of my route is in red, the green is the Edmands Path, click here for more details of the hike

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