Nancy and Norcross Pond ~ April 6th, 2014

Nancy Pond Trailhead
 Halfway Brook
 Old logging road is part of the Nancy Pond Trail
 Nancy Brook Research Area, don't pee in the water!
Nancy Brook, still covered with feet of snow
 Nancy Cascades
 Close up of the snow covered cascade
 The trail gets really steep and the footing gets tricky with the side slope of snow
 There's a trail here somewhere!
 More of the steep stuff!
 Finally leveling out above the cascade
Nancy Pond Trail was blazed a little better than what I thought it would be
 Once up and over the cascade the trail becomes almost level and beautiful
 Hiking through a pine grove
 Entering Nancy Pond
Nancy Pond
 Nancy Pond
 Polly want a cracker??!!
 Well, it looks like it's going to be awhile before trail running
 Norcross Pond
 Bond and Guyot from Norcross
 Close up of Mount Bond
Norcross Pond
 South Twin
 Guyot / Zealand Col with South Twin rising above
 Mount Anderson
 Edge of the Pemi Wilderness
 The Bonds
 Looking down Nancy Brook
 Bondcliff with Franconia Ridge rising above it.
 The Bonds
 Mount Bond, notice the secluded alpine ridge in this picture on it's eastern shoulder (center of pic)
 Steep drop off at the Norcross Pond Outlet
Zeacliff to Guyot
I actually can't remember if this is Nancy or Norcross Pond!
 Heading back to Nancy Pond
Solar blast of sun above the white mountains
Mount Nancy 
 Nancy Pond Outlet
 View from Nancy Cascades
 Stairs and Mount Resolution
 Post Holing!
Washout along Nancy Brook from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Sandy Pants
Post Holing back to the car
Jeep with some of Mount Hope rising above across the street

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