Mount Tecumsh & The Hancocks ~ December 7th & 8th, 2013

Mount Tecumseh Trailhead 
 Mount Tecumseh Trail
 Tripyramids from the ski slope outlook
Mount Tecumseh Trail 
 Ice rink!
 Frozen ground near the summit
 Mount Tecumseh Summit
Amy making her way across an icy brook crossing
 Cedar Brook Crossing #1
 Iced bog bridges on the Cedar Brook Trail
 Cedar Brook crossing #2
 Cedar Brook Crossing #3
 Hancock Loop Trail Crossing
 Hancock Loop Trail
 South Hancock
 North Tripyramid Slide
 South Hancock, you can see the ice from the Hancock Loop Trail reflecting in this picture
 Osceola Slide
 Looking off toward the Sandwich Wilderness
Arrow Slide

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