Mount Lafayette / Mount Lincoln / Cannon Mountain ~ November 30th, 2013

 Old Moon above Mount Liberty
 Mount Lincoln
 Old Bridle Path
 Dawn over Southern New Hampshire
 Cannon Mountain, North and South Kinsman with Lonesome Lake
 Alpine Glow over the Kinsmans and Lonesome Lake
Looking to Mount Liberty
 Cannon Mountain
 Old Bridle Path
 Greenleaf Hut and Mount Lafayette
 Alpine meadow near Eagle Lake
 Kinsman Ridge
 Cannon Mountain
 Kinsmans to Moosilauke
 Sun slowly taking over Cannon Mountain
 Mount Truman and Lincoln
 Mount Lincoln
 Some big ice below Mount Lincoln
 Cannon Mountain Ski Area
 Heading up the Greenleaf Trail
Cannon Mountain, Cannon Balls, and the Kinsmans
 North Lafayette
 Kinsman Ridge
 Greenleaf Hut and Cannon Mountain
 Mount Lafayette Summit
 Sun shining bright over the Pemigewasset Wilderness
 Mount Garfield, Galehead, South and North Twin
 Franconia Ridge / Garfield Ridge / Greenleaf Trail Junction
 Franconia Ridge
 Owl's Head
 Franconia Ridge Trail southbound
 Heading up Mount Truman
 Moutn Lafayette from Mount Truman
 Heading south to Mount Lincoln
 Lincoln / Truman Slides
 Mount Lafayette
 Owl's Head
 Mount Lincoln
 Franconia Ridge to Little Haystack, Liberty, and Flume
 Early morning solar blast in the White Mountains
 Approaching Little Haystack
 Mount Lincoln
 Cannon Mountain from Little Haystack
 Little Haystack
 Fifth crossing of the Dry Brook
Fourth crossing of the Dry Brook 
 Falling Waters Trail
 Third crossing of the Dry Brook
 Icicles along the side of the Falling Waters Trail
 Cloudland Falls
Zoom in of Cloudland Falls 
Cloudland Falls in Dry Brook 
 Half frozen Dry Brook
 Second crossing of Dry Brook
 Staircase Falls
First Crossing of Dry Brook
 Kinsman Ridge Trail northern terminus
 Iced over Kinsman Ridge Trail
 Solid sheet of ice on the trail
Franconia Ridge from the Kinsman Ridge 
 Looking up to Cannon Mountain
 Franconia Ridge
 Franconia Notch
 Cole on the summit of Cannon Mountain
 Mount Lafayette and Lincoln
Looking south to Mount Liberty 
 Kinsman Ridge Trail - Ice Capades!
Descending the Kinsman Ridge Trail

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