Mount Moosiluake ~ December 8th, 2013

Glencliff Parking Lot Gate

 Glencliff Trail
 Lower end of the Glencliff Trail
 Small amount of unbroken snow!
 Moosilauke Carriage Road
 Breaking out of the scrub
 Approaching the summit
 Old hotel foundation on the summit
 Whitney gives the double thumbs up to the Moose
 My red coat replaced my gray coat, I'm no longer a ninja hiker! (Photo courtesy of Whitney)
Rime ice blasted Moosiluake summit sign!
 Leaving the summit
 Into the White
 Looks like she's about to walk off a cliff
 Nice cairn at treeline
 Whitney on the Glencliff Trail
 Glencliff Trail
 Hurricane / Glencliff trail Junction
 Heading back to the car
A.T. splits off and heads to the road
Photo courtesy of Whitney - Glencliff Trail
Trail Junk!
End of the hike!

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