Phelps Mountain ~ 12/21/13

 Entering the High Peaks Wilderness
Van Hovenberg Trail
 Snow and slush mix in the middle of the trail
 Iced over Vanhovenberg Trail
 Marcy Dam
 New bridge that crosses the Marcy Brook downstream from the dam
 Marcy Brook Footbridge
 Marcy Dam
 Snow bridged Phelps Brook
 Slush conditions
 Phelps / Van Hovenburg Trail Junction
 Melting ice flows on the Phelps Trail
 Phelps Trail
 Gaining the ridge on the Phelps Trail
 Just below the summit of Phelps Mountain
 Beautiful views from the summit today!
 Phelps Mountain
 Snowshoe posthole
 ice, slush, and snow descending the Phelps Trail
 Postholing with snowshoes??!!
 Phelps Brook
 Van Hovenberg / Avalanch Pass Trail Junction
Wright Peak slides, one is called Angel, the other one I forgot, I want to say squirrel but it looks like a rabbit or dog to me! 
 Marcy Dam Pond and Wright Peak
Marcy Dam
 Marcy Dam, used to be a bridge over it but Hurricane Irene destroyed it
Marcy Dam

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