Mount Isolation ~ December 30th, 2013

 A 'Widow Maker' on the lower end of the Rocky Branch Trail
The gang breaking the trail 
 The Rocky Branch Trail slowly winds its way up the side of a hill
 Breaking the trail out
 Looking back at the broken out trail
 After going up the hill, the trail levels out for awhile
 Breaking out the Rocky Branch Trail
 Nicely broken out trail
 Wilderness Boundary is reach around 2.5 miles in
 After the wilderness boundary the trail heads to the height of land
 The Rocky Branch Trail descends to the left, the Engine Hill Bushwhack starts here to the right
 Entering the Birch Glades
 Engine Hill has some of the most beautiful open glades in the White Mountains!
 Breaking Trail through this was tiring because of the snow depths but not too difficult.
 Untouched snow!
 Taking a break in the glades
 There are a few waves of Birch glades the whack travels through
 The sun was in a constant battle with the clouds in the morning, the sun eventually won!
 Broken out!
 Denise makes her way up the Isolation Trail
 Crossing #1 of the day
 Crossing #2 of the day
 Unbroken Isolation trail just after our second crossing
 Crossing #3 of the day
 Denise takes charge of breaking trail
 Kyle takes the lead as we gain the ridge
 Slowly making our way to the Davis Path
 Beware of Widow Makers!
 Kyle getting his crawl on!
Tentsite along the Isolation Trail 
 Isolation / Davis Path Trail Junction
 Bright sun shining over the Davis Path
 Winter Wonderland
 Heading through the woods on the way to Mount Isolation
 Denise stomping down the snow
 Denise makes the final push towards the summit
 Just below the open summit
 Into the high winds, notice the snow and ice flying around
 Top of the Isolation Spur
 Mount Isolation's Summit Cairn
 Clouded in Presidential Range
 Looking toward North Isolation
 Wildcat / Carter Range
 Denise and Whitney make it to the summit
 Whitney celebrates before getting knocked over by the wind!
 Summit area
 Matt, Denise, and Kyle
 Whitney, Matt, Denise
 Back into the glades on the descent
 What a great place to hike through!
 Looking toward Stairs Mountain
 Last wave of the glades
 Rocky Branch Trail left, ski trail right
 Back at the big widow maker
Finished!  The Jeep will be March sometime!

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