Mount Lafayette ~ December 28th, 2013

 Jack Puppy leads the way
 Old Bridle Path
 Shining Rock!
 Jane and Kristina take the lead
 Kelsey taking on Agony Ridge
 The Agonies
 Kelsey heading up the short steep burst section
 View out of Franconia Ridge
 Nice purple and pink sky hovering over the White Mountains
 Lonesome Lake
 Greenleaf Hut
 Kelsey breaks above treeline
 Jane and Kristina on Greenleaf Trail
 Great visibility!
 Kristina motoring up the trail
 Kelsey, "Hey guys, I have a question!"
 Jane battle the wind and pushes through it
 Is this looking up or down??!!
 Sniffin' butts!
 Jack, Kristina, me, Jane
 There is nobody home!
 Actions shot down the steeps
 Sun shining through on Lincoln, NH
 Picture time!
 Lil' Birch Glade
 When you pass this rock you're almost home
 Walker Brook
OBP / FW Trailhead

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