Mount Field & Mount Tom ~ January 4th, 2014

Kelsey heading up the Avalon Trail 
 Geri leads the way up the steeps below Mount Avalon
 Dusty approaching the summit of Mount Avalon
 Presidential Range
 Mount Eisenhower, Monroe, Washington
 Mount Washignton
 Mount Jefferson
 Mount Jefferson, Clay, Washington, Monroe, Eisenhower
 Looking up to Mount Field from Mount Avalon
 Mount Tom
 Beautiful wave of clouds above Mount Willey
 Steven charging down the Avalon Summit Spur
 Geri leads the way to Mount Field
 Kelsey gaining the ridge of the Willey Range
Avalon Trail 
 Snow covered trees, clouds, and bright blue skies
 Geri and Steven hike through a blast of wind shaking snow from the trees
 Looking off toward the Twin Range from Mount Field
 North and South Twin (right to left)
 Tony makes his way to the summit 
 Mount Lafayette and Lincoln rising above the Twinway
 Mount Tom
 Mount Jefferson, Clay, and Washington
 Mount Washington Hotel
 Willy Range Trail - Winter Wonderland
 Kelsey, Bob, and Dusty running down the Willey Range Trail
 A bright afternoon sun, jet condensation, and puff clouds above the Bonds and Twin Range
 Mount Tom Summit
 Carrigain Notch to Mount Bond
 Mount Field
 Bursting sun over Mount Bond
 View toward the Pemigewasset Wilderness
Carrigain Notch 
 puff clouds, funnel clouds, jet condensation, and bright sunshine
 A beautiful afternoon in the White Mountains
 Looking toward the Hancock Mountain Range
 U.F.O. clouds above Mount Tom
 Kelsey sprinting down the A-Z Trail
 Mount Washington Hotel with Mount Jefferson, Clay, and Washington
 Mount Washington
 Get along little doggies!
 Mount Jefferson, Clay, and Washington
 Dog Sledding through the golf course
 Mush, Mush!
 Mount Washington
Presidential Range
Route (Click here for more details)

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