Mount Pierce & Mount Jackson ~ November 29th, 2013

 Gibbs Brook Dam
 The Crawford Path
 Small blowdown up the trail
 Snow blanketed Crawford Path
 Reaching treeline on the Crawford Path
 Crawford Path / Webster Cliff Trail Junction
 Heading up to Mount Pierce
 Frosted cairn on Mount Pierce
 Mount Pierce's summit in view
 Sun trying to burn through the clouds above Mount Pierce
 Mount Pierce Summit
 Christmas Trees!
Hiking along the Webster Cliff Trail 
 Ladder steps, these will be buried soon!
 Mizpah Spring Hut
 Closed until the spring!
 Mount Jackson in view
 Alpine Meadow
 Alpine meadow bog bridges
 The beautiful alpine meadow of Mount Jackson's northern shoulder
Heading up to Mount Jackosn's summit ledges 
 Steep final push up to Mount Jackson
 View north to Mount Pierce from Mount Jackson
 Mount Jackson Summit
 Dry River Wilderness
 Mount Isolation (I think)
 Mount Jackson Summit Cairn
 Webster Cliff / Webster-Jackson Trail Junction
 Mount Avalon
 Frozen staircase on the Webster-Jackson Trail
Silver Cascade Brook 
 Top of Crawford Notch
 Highland Center
 Mount Tom
 Webster-Jackson Trail
 Approaching Route 302
 Sacco Lake
 Sacco Lake and Mount Webster
The Red Sox Shoe Car!

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