Zealand Mountain, West Bond, Mount Bond, & Bondcliff ~ November 16th, 2013

Zealand Trailhead 
 Beaver Ponf Boardwalk
 Zeacliff and I think Zealand
 Zealand / Twinway / Ethan Pond Trail Junction
 Carrigain Notch from Zealand Notch
 Zealand Falls Hut
 Denise ascending to heaven!
 Mount Washington
 Pemi Wilderness and Carrigain Notch
 Beautiful day, decreasing clouds above Mount Carrigain
 Mount Tom with Jefferson, Clay, and Washington above it
Steve, Bob, Dusty, me, Geri
 Denise heading up the Twinway stairs
 Steven motoring his way up
 North Twin Slide
 Zealand Mountain!
 Bob and Dusty
Steve, Dusty, Denise, and me on Zealand!
 Bob on North Guyot
 Mount Guyot
 The Twinway
 Bob with Mount Garifeld way in the back
 The Bondcliff Trail
 Denise, Steven, and Geri on North Guyot
 Bondcliff Trail
 On Mount Guyot with the Franconia Ridge behind them
 Mount Bond and West Bond
 Redrock Ravine and Mount Garfield
 Bear Pond
 Mount Guyot
 Fun with Photoshop!
 The Twin Range Slides
Steep slides below Guyot 
 Franconia Brook Valley
 Denise striking a pose on West Bond!
 West Bond Spur
 Bob, Geri, and Dusty on Mount Bond
 Bondcliff Ridge
 Willey Range and the Presidential Range
 Mount Tom, with Jefferson, Clay, and Washington
 Guyot, and South Twin
 Denise and Bob chat with a couple of the best ultra-runners in New England, Kristina and Ryan!
 Jack Puppy on Bondcliff!
Bob and Denise trail running 
 Bob beating feet up to Bondcliff
 Owl's Head and the Franconia Range
Bondcliff summit area
 Heading down the short steep step below Bondcliff
 Black Brook
 Old Railroad piece on the Bondcliff Trail
 Bondcliff Trail (old Lincoln Woods and before that Wilderness Trail)
 Railroad Corridor
 Running it out
 Old railroad grade
 Pemigewasset Wilderness Boundary
 Franconia Brook footbridge
 Lincoln Woods Trail
Finsihed, East Branch Suspension bridge at Lincoln Woods

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