Flags on the 48: Flume Mountain & Mount Liberty ~ September 14th, 2013

 Team Hike-NH
 Marlie on the Osseo Trail
 Hiking up the ladder steps on the Osseo Trail
 Taking a break at the Flume Slide / Franconia Ridge Trail Junction
 Flume Mountain
 Matt and Mike piecing together the flag poll
 Lifting the pole
 Getting it put up straight
 Kris holding the pole up while the others ty it down
Unraveling the flag (Photo by Michael Petcher)
 Hoisting the flag
 Matt raising the flag to the top
 Flags on the 48 - Flume Mountain!
 Flume Mountain summit
 Whitney on Flume Mountain
 A little Flag in the scrub and the big flag on the summit
 Mount Liberty's Flag
Dogs on Liberty!
Team Hike-NH (Photo by Michael Petcher)

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