Mount Jefferson ~ September 7th, 2013

 Lower Cap on the Caps Ridge Trail
 Mount Clay, Washington, and Monroe
 Lakes of the clouds Hut and Mount Monroe
 Lakes, Monroe, and Lil' Monroe
 Looking off towards the Monticello Lawn
 Mount Clay and Washington
Brenton Woods, the Twin Range, and Franconia Ridge 
 Lenticular clouds above the Monticello Lawn
U.F.O. Clouds! 
 Alpine grass and Mount Washington
 Dion heading up to mount Jefferson's Summit
 Mount Washington
 Lee heading up to Mount Jefferson
 Mount Adams
 Mount Clay, Washington, and Monroe
 The Great Gulf Headwall
 Dion trying to get Lee to stand on the highest boulder on top of Mount Jefferson
 Lee on Mount Jefferson's summit
 Mount Jefferson summit area
 Monticello Lawn
 Wave of clouds coming in from the southwest
 Old marker along the Caps Ridge Trail, this could be part of the survey markers that were put in during the early twentieth century when scouting for a railroad that would have zig zagged across Jefferson and Clay's summit cones on its way up to Mount Washington 
 Caps Ridge Trail
 Castellated Ridge
 Lee coming down the Lower Cap
 Lee finishing off the Lower Cap
 Glacial Pothole Outlook
 The Ridge of the Caps!
 Glacial Potholes
 Dogs on Jefferson!
 Ridge of the Caps Black Lab!
 Caps Ridge Bog Bridges
 Caps Ridge Trailhead
 Jefferson Notch
 Moose off Base Road
Mamma moose and kid moose off the Base Road

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