Mount Cabot & Mount Waumbek ~ August 31st, 2012

Heath's Gate
No Trespassing!
Logging road
Mount Cabot Trail
Kilkenny Ridge Trail Junction
Cabot Cabin
You think you hate it now, wait to you sleep there in a hail storm!
Summer is over, school is back in session, and Harriet Potter here thought we were at Hogwarts...
Goofing around, #45 for the both us together, probably the sixth and hopefully the last time on Mount Cabot-Patch!
View from the site of the old fire tower
Mount Cabot / Kilkennny Ridge Trail
Lancaster, NH
Looking south to the Franconia Ridge
Mount Cabot Trail
Bunnell Brook Crossing
Mount Cabot Trail
Mount Cabot Trail
Trail gets a little narrow in places
Mount Cabot Trail
Old logging roads
Cut-over area
Gate near the Kilkenny Road Logging Railroad Bed
Alton heading to Heath's Gate
Mount Cabot Trailhead at the end of Arthur White Road
Mount Starr King Cabin fireplace
View from Starr King
Starr King Trail
Rain, Rain, Go Away!
#46...and hopefully the last trek to Waumbek, unless part of a Kilkenny Ridge Traverse!
Starr King Trail
Old Well on the Starr King Trail
Star King Trail
Nice clean water!

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