Gothics / Armstrong / Upper & Lower Wolfjaw ~ September 7th, 2012

Ausable Club Parking Lot
Giant Mountain
Ausable Club
Ausable Golf Course
Lake Road Security Building
Lake Road Gate
Old Dam along Lake Road
Lower Ausable Dam
Trail to Sawteeth and Pyramid
Lower Ausable Lake
Early morning at Lower Ausable Lake
Rainbow Falls
Fnny but true sign at the Ranbow Falls downlook
Rainbow Falls
Alfred W. Weld Trail
Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge from the Alfred W. Weld Trail
Diaz scrambling up a rock on the Alfred W. Weld Trail
Basin from Pyramid
Gothics from Pyramid
Haystack from Pyramid
Allen from Pyramid
Pinnacle Ridge (Clovin and Blake Peak) with Nippletop behind it
Diaz enjoying the views from Pyramid Peak
Basin, Saddleback, and Gothics
Saddleback Mountain
Basin Mountain with Marcy behind it
Pinnacle Ridge and Upper Ausable Lake
On Pyramid Peak
Alfred W. Weld Trail to Gothics
Gothics and Armstrong
Diaz descending Pyramid Peak
Pyramid Peak from Gothics
Diaz conquering Gothics
Big Slide and John's Brook Valley
Big Slide Mountain
Upper Great Range
Orebed Brook and Saddleback Slide
Wright, Algonquin, Iroquois, and Colden from Gothics
Gothics Summit Marker
Lower Ausable Lake
Only Flat section of the ADK Range Trail!
Armstrong / Gothics Col
The Great Range from Armstrong
Diaz descending Armstrong
Diaz navigating down an old ladder
Lower Wolfjaw from Upper Wolfjaw
Nippletop with Dix behind it
Adk Range Trail sign info

Lower Wolfjaw from a sub-peak of Upper Wolfjaw
ADK Range Trail
Diaz about to make a leap of faith
Wolfjaw Notch
ADK Range Trail
Dogs on Wolfjaw!
Orebed Brook Slide
Lower Wolfjaw Summit
Bennies Brook Slide herd path starts here on the left
Top of Bennies Brook Slide
Johns Brook Valley
Upper section of the Bennies Brook Slide
Looking down the Bennies Brook Slide
Bennies Brook Slide
Diaz hopping from step to step down the slide
Diaz in a mud zone section of the slide
Bennies Brook Slide
Bennies Brook Slide
Diaz on a huge slab section on the slide
Looking up the Bennies Brook Slide
Diaz approaching another mud section of the slide
Fork in the slide, old slide goes up and to the left
Bennies Brook Slide and Lower Wolfjaw
Diaz enjoying the slide
The beginning of a cascade / waterfall
Bennies Brook Cascade
Bennies Brook Slide
Bennies Brook Slide
Interesting slab step formations on the slide
Bennies Brook Slide
Heading toward the lower section of the slide
Bennies Brook Slide
Looking back up the slide
Bumble Bee!
Long stretch of slab on the slide
Descending a slab section
Diaz navigating through a rocky section of the slide
Lower part of the slide
Lower section of the Bennies Brook Slide
Heading toward John's Brook
Bennies Brook
Lower section of the slide
Into the woods along the slide
Diaz jumping down from the Bennies Brook Slide
Cool Little waterfall randomly coming from the woods
Diaz at the end of the Bennies Brook Slide
Looking down the end of the Bennies Brook Slide
Bennies Brook Slide from the Southside Trail
Old ADK Trail marker
Damaged section of the Southside Trail (on the right the trail drops off a cliff into the water, on the left is a ladder to help you down to the river)
Diaz navigating his was through Johns Brook
Southside Trail
Johns Brook
Diaz crossing Johns Brook
Southside Trail
Phelps / Southside Trail Junction
Phelps Trail
The Garden

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