Huntington Ravine ~ August 24th, 2012

 Trailhead at Pinkham Notch Visitor Center
 Tuckerman Ravine Trail
 Huntington Ravine Trail Junction
 The Cutler River
 Alton crossing the Cutler River
 The rugged Huntington Ravine Trail
 Small pool off the trail
 Raymond Path Junction
 Huntington Ravine Trail
 Huntington Ravine Fire Road
 First real good glimpse of the ravine
 Fire Road / Trail Split
 First Aid Cache at the floor of the ravine
 Gateway to Huntington Ravine
 Alton making her way into the ravine
 Memorial plaque
The Fan and Central Gully 
 The Fan with Pinnacle and Central Gully
Alton hopping off a boulder 
 Alton looking for the safest way through the boulders
 Alton  some good footing
 Alton making her way through the boulders
 Huntington Ravine Trail just before being dropped out on the fan
 The Fan
 Crossing the Fan
 View of the ravine floor and the Wildcat Ridge
 Huntington Ravine Trail
 View of Pinnacle Gully from The Fan
 Pinnacle Gully
 Alton making her way through the scrub
 Rock climbers making their own way up
 Alton arriving at the bottom of the first scramble
 Below the first scramble
 First Scramble
First Scramble 
 First Scramble
 Alton beginning the first scramble
 Alton making her way up the second scramble
Alton making her way up the second scramble 
 Alton making her way up the second scramble
 Alton making her way up the second scramble
 Alton crossing above the second scramble
Alton above the second scramble
 Alton on the third scramble
Alton on the third scramble 
 Alton on the third scramble
 Alton on the third scramble
 Hiker taking a much needed break!
 Rest stop with a view!
 Alton at the bottom of a chimney
Alton at the bottom of a chimney 
 Alton in the middle of a chimney
 Alton at the top of a chimney
 Wildcat / Carter / Moriah Range
 Huntington Ravine
 Hiker still enjoying some rest on the trail!
 One of the rock walls that form the boundary of the ravine
 Tourists taking a picture after driving up to mile maker 7 and going for a little stroll
 Top of Huntington Ravine
Alpine Garden Trail 
 The Alpine Garden
 Hiking along the Alpine Garden Trail
 Above Treeline on Mount Washington
 Lion Head Trail
 Hermit Lake and the floor of Tuckerman Ravine
 Hermit Lake and shelters
 Tuckerman Ravine
 Lion Head Trail
 Froggy Rock!
 Looking up to the Lion Head
The Lion Head


  1. Chris,

    As usual incredible photos and I definitely need to head up Huntington Ravine!


    1. Thanks Scott,

      you guys will love this trail, hope you get to do it this fall!