Mount Tecumseh ~ August 26th, 2012

 Mount Tecumseh Trailhead at Waterville Valley
 Excellent trail work on the Mount Tecumseh Trail
 Mount Tecumseh Trail
 More great trail work
 Alton slowly heading up the Mount Tecumseh Trail
 Which way do I go??!!
 Mount Tecumseh Summit
 On the summit of Mount Tecumseh
 Sosman Trail
 Satellite Tower at the top of Waterville Valley
Top of the ski slope 
 Alton descending the ski slopes
 A Monarch buttefly zooming by to get in the picture
 Waterville Valley Ski Area
 The Tripyramids
 Alton descending the ski slopes
 The Tripyramids from Mount Tecumseh
 Waterville Valley
 Alton makes a new friend!
I always get a chuckle from this!

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