Mount Mansfield ~ August 19th, 2012

 Log steps on the Long Trail
 Rock slab below the Taft Lodge on the Long Trail
 Alton hiking up the Long Trail
 The Taft Lodge
 The Taft Lodge
Hey...the trail says so!
 Alpine Zone
 The Adam's Apple of Mount Mansfield
 Stowe Ski Area
 Adam's Apple
 Adam's Apple
 Vermont's "Lake of the Clouds"
 Mount Mansfield summit marker
 Alton on the summit (The Chin)
 Crowded summit area
 Heading south on the Long Trail
 Dogs on Mansfield
 Bog Bridges along the exposed ridge
 Alpine Zone alert
 Hikers enjoying the view between the Chin and the Nose
 Stowe Ski Area
 Hiking towards the Nose
 Long Trail
 Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks covered in a thick haze
 Alton heading south on the Long Trail
 Heading back into the scrub
 Mount Mansfield
 The Nose!
 On the Haselton Trail with the summit above us
Mount Mansfield

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