Mount Skylight & Gray Peak ~ May 31st, 2012

Upper Works Trailhead
One strong dead tree along the Calamity Brook Trail
Calamity Brook Trail
Calamity Brook
Henderson Monument
Henderson Monument
Calamity Pond
Calamity Lean-to
Calamity Lean-to
View from the lean-to across from the Herbert Brook Mount Marshall herd Path
Lean-to across from the Mount Marshall herd path
Mount Colden from the Calamity Brook Trail
Lake Colden Dam
Lake Colden and Avalanche Pass
Lake Colden Dam
Opalescent Suspension Bridge
Opalescent Suspension Bridge
Opalescent River
Opalescent mini cascades
Calamity Brook Trail
This is the norm here in the Adirondacks!
Lake Tear of the Clouds
Alpine Zone
Mount Haystack
Panther Gorge and the Great Range
Mount Marcy
Colvin, Blake, Nippletop, and the Dix Range
Blake Peak and the Dix Range
Panther Gorge
Mount Redfield
Little Nippeltop, McDonnel, and Allen Mountain
Allen Mountain
Mount Redfield
Cliff Mountain
Santanoni Range
Mount Colden and Gray Peak
Mount Colden, with Iroquois, Algonquin, and Wright Peaks
Mount Marshall, Iroquois, and Algonquin (L to R)
Mount Skylight Summit
 The Seward Range off in the distance
View to the south from Mount Skylight
Mount Marcy from Mount Skylight's Summit
Mount Haystack
Pinnacle Ridge
 Mount Colvin, Nippletop, and Dix
 Pinnacle Ridge
 Mount Adams
 Mount Adams and the Santanoni Range
   On the Summit Of Mount Skylight
Helloooooo Great Range 
 Mount Skylight Spur Trail
 Four Corners
 Gray herd path at the outlet for Lake Tear of the Clouds
 Gray Peak Summit
 Big Slide is in the Far Right
Mount Colden
Marcy from Gray
 Slide on the east side of Mount Colden
 Mount Marcy Valley
 Lake Tear of the Clouds and Mount Skylight
 Moss Pond and Mount Redfield
 Lake Tear of the Clouds
 Gravel Pits?
 Lower end of the Pinnacle Ridge
 Indian Ass??!!
 Calamity Brook Trail
 Cliff and Redfield Herd Path
 Uphill Lean-to
 This is actually light mud coverage after a day in the Dak's!
 Flume Gorge in the Opalescent River
Lake Colden Dam
Mount Marshall Herd Path 
 Flowed Lands
 Flowed Lands
 Mount Colden as seen from Flowed Lands
 Iroquois Peak and Avalanche Pass from Flowed Lands
 Mount Colden and Avalanche Pass
 Flowed Lands
 Flowed Lands Lean-to
 View from Opalescent Dam
 Opalescent Dam
 Griffin Lean-to
 The Calamity!
You can't get there from here!

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