Mount Waumbek, Carrigain, & Moosilauke ~ May 25th - 27th

 Starr King Trail
 Roughest stretch (maybe ten feet!) on the Starr King Trail
 Old Cabin's Fireplace on Mount Starr King
 Starr King Trail in the col between Starr King and Mount Waumbek

Mount Waumbek Summit
 Starr King Trail
 Lower portion of the Starr King Trail
Stone Foundation of a springhouse

 Starr King Trailhead
 Sawyer River Road Parking Lot off Route 302
 Signal Ridge Trailhead
 Whiteface Brook
 Carrigain Brook
 Signal Ridge Trail through some Birch Trees
 Signal Ridge Trail
 The Vose Spur
 Signal Ridge to Mount Carrigain's Summit
 The Vose Spur
Hazy Morning in the White Mountains
 Looking down at a makeshift campsite from the Observation Tower
 Mount Carrigain Summit Marker
 Pemigewasset Wilderness Boundary / Desolation Trail Junction
 Mount Carrigain Observation Tower
 Mount Lowell
 Slides of Mount Lowell
 Beaver Pond on the Signal Ridge Trail
 Carrigain Brook
 Rotted 'Log Threads' Signal Ridge Trail
 Whiteface Brook
 Sawyer River Road
 Very sturdy bridge on the Beaver Brook Trail
 Beaver Brook Cascades
 Beaver Brook Cascades
 Beaver Brook Cascades
 Beaver Brook Cascades
 Hiking up the Beaver Brook Trail
 Beaver Brook Trail
 Beaver Brook Lean-to Junction
 Kinsman and Franconia Ridge from Mount Moosilauke
 Hiking up to the summit of Mount Moosilauke
 Long Pond (I think)
 Looking back down the Beaver Brook Trail
 Cairns above treeline on Mount Moosilauke
 Mount Moosilauke's Alpine Zone
 Approaching the summit
 Moosilauke Carriage Road
 Mount Moosilauke Summit
 Memorial on Mount Moosilauke
 Gorge Brook Trail
 Mount Moosilauke's Summit
 Beaver Brook Trail
 Old Stone Foundation
 Majestic Cairns along the Beaver Brook Trail
 DOC Alpine Zone Sign
 Beaver Brook Trail
 Beaver Brook Cascades
 Descending the Beaver Brook Trail
 A backpacker heading up the Beaver Brook Trail
 Well Placed Log Steps on the Beaver Brook Trail
 Alton running up Sawyer River Road
 Kat Crossing Whiteface Brook
 Alton and Kat crossing Carrigain Brook
 The Vose Spur and Mount Lowell
 Vose Spur
 Mount Lowell
 Presidential Range
 Mount Carrigain
 Pemigewasset Wilderness
 Twin Range
 Looking towards the Osceola's
 Signal Ridge
 White Mountains
 Presidential Range
 Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge
Zealand Notch
 Signal Ridge

Mount Carrigain Summit
 Desolation Trail
 Site of the old Desolation Shelter
 Carrigain Notch Trail
 Alton and Kat looking for a place to take a dip
 Freezing Fun in the Carrigain Branch
Stillwater Junction (that cement foundation was upright before Hurricane Irene) 
 Crossing the East Branch
Crossing the East Branch 
Shoal Pond Trail
Shoal Pond Trail
 Crossing the Shoal Pond Brook
 Old camp clearing
 Shoal Pond Brook Swimming Hole
 Makeshift campsite
 Shoal Pond Trail
 Shoal Pond Trail
 Another water crossing on the Shoal Pond Trail
 Wet and muddy Shoal Pond Trail
 Old bog bridges on the Shoal Pond Trail 
 Pemigewasset Wilderness Boundary
 North Fork Brook
 North Fork
 Ethan Pond
 Ethan Pond Trail
 Crawford Scenic Railroad

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