Rocky Peak Ridge & Giant Mountain ~ June 1st, 2012

 Iron Mountain?
 East Trail
 Hiking along the East Trail
 East Trail
 View from the East Trail
 Hiking up to Bald Peak
 Mount Mansfield to the east
 Approaching Bald Peak
 The Dix Range
 Rocky Peak
 Bald Mountain 
 Hurricane Mountain
 Glacial Erratic just west of Bald Peak
 Birch glades along the East Trail
Bald Peak from Rocky Peak
 Looking west to Rocky Peak Ridge and Giant Mountain
 Mary Louise Pond
 Giant Mountain from Rocky Peak Ridge's Summit
The Great Range 
 Round Mountain, Bear Den, Dial, and Nippletop
 The Dix Range
 Rocky Peak Ridge and Rocky Peak
 Saint Huberts and the Great Range
 Keene Valley and Cascade and Porter Mountains
 Rooster Comb and Big Slide
 The Great Range
 Sawteeth and Gothics (foreground), Allen, Haystack, Skylight, and Marcy (background)
 Dial, Nippletop, and Mount Colvin
Dix Mountain
 The Dix Range
 The Great Range
 The Great Range
 Rocky Peak Ridge
 Mary Louise Pond and Rocky Peak
 Mary Louise Pond
 Mary Louise Pond
 East River Trail
 Birch glades
 Descending Bald Peak
 The final stretch along a cushiony path
East Trail trailhead in New Russia

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  1. Hiked up Blueberry Cobble and Bald Mountain on 8/18/14. A short hike well worth the effort. Incredible views rivaling most any hike in the high peaks.