Mount Tom / Mount Field / Mount Willey / Mount Waumbek ~ December 18th, 2011

 Crawford Notch Scenic Railroad
 Crawford Brook - first crossing
 Crawford Brook - second crossing
 A-Z Trail
 A-Z Trail
 Mun Tom Spur Trail
 Mount Tom Spur Trail
Mount Tom
South and North Twin (left to right)
Twin Range
Mount Tom Summit
Mount Tom Spur Trail
Willey Range / Z-Z Trail Junction
Willey Range Trail
Willey Range Trail (taken just before camera one froze)
Approaching Mount Field Summit
Mount Tom from the Mount Field downlook
Mount Willey Summit
Presidential Range from Mount Willey Outlook
Presidential Range
Sun shining over the White Mountains
That's one fat Gray Jay
Gray Jay taking in the views
Gray Jay taking in the views
Gray Jay waiting for a handout
Two Gray Jays waiting for some food
Mount Pierce, Eishenhower, Franklin, Monroe, Washington
Mount Carrigain and the Carrigain Notch
Mount Bond and Guyot
Willey Range Trail
Willey Range Trail
Mount Field Summit
Mount Washington Hotel
The Twinway from the Willey Range Trail
North Twin Mountain
South Twin Mountain
Presidential Range
Mount Washington, Monroe, and Eisenhower
Mount Washington, Clay, and Jefferson
Mount Webster
Crawford Notch
A.M.C. Highland Center
Re-crossing the Crawford Brook
Willey Range / Avalon Trail Junction
Avalon Trailhead
Crawford Notch Scenic Railroad
Mount Waumbek
Mount Waumbek Summit
Starr King Trail
Old Cabin fireplace on Mount Starr King
View from Mount Starr King
Mount Jefferson, Clay, and Washington
Starr King Trail
Starr King Trail
Starr King Trail
Stone Foundation of a Spring House on the Starr King Trail
Water Reservoir near the parking lot
Water Reservoir
Iced over water source
Frozen brook above pond
Water Resivour
Starr King Trialhead

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