Bondcliff, Bond, & West Bond ~ December 3rd, 2011

Lincoln Woods Trailhead at 7am
Alton hiking up the Bondcliff Trail
Alton climbing up the short steep pitch at treeline on the Bondcliff Trail
Mount Liberty and Flume Mountain
Solar Shower above the White Mountains
Bondcliff with Mount Bond to the right and West Bond on the left
Alton on Bondcliff
Alton Posing on Bondcliff
Alton above the "Cliffs of Bond"
Myslef on Bondcliff
Looking into the Pemi
Bondcliff from Mount Bond
Mount Tom and Field with the Presidential Range rising above
Looking towards the Presidential Range
Presidential Range
Mount Washington, Monroe, and Eisenhower
Mount Washington
West Bond
Mount Lincoln and Lafayette
West Bond Spur Path
The Slides of the Twin Range
Mount Garfield
Mount Garfield and Lafayette
Pemigewasset Wilderness
High Sun above Bondcliff
Alton on West Bond
Alton on West Bond
Myself on West Bond
Twin Range Slides
Twin Range
Redrock Brook Pond
Franconia Brook
West Bond
Mount Bond
Mount Guyot
South Twin, Southwest Twin to Mount Garfield
Mount Tom, Field, Willey, and the Presidential Range
Whitewall Mountain, Tom, Field, Willey, and the Presidential Range
Zealand Mountain and Mount Hale
Zeacliff, Mount Tom, and Jefferson
Mount Carrigain and the Carrigain Notch
Alton Hiking on the Bondcliff Trail to Bondcliff
Boncliff Trail
Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge
Mount Bond
Mount Bond
Owl's Head
Mount Lincoln and sub peak Mount Truman
Mount Garfield
Black Brook Bridge junk
The Old Black Brook Railroad Trestle
Black Brook Trestle
Black Brook and the old trestle
Black Brook Railroad Trestle
This old trestle survived the high water and thrashing of drifting tree trunks from Hurricane Irene
Railroad Junk!
Hiking along the Lincoln Woods/Wilderness Trail
The Old Lincoln Woods Railroad bed at the Pemigewasset Wilderness Boundary
Pemi Wilderness
Franconia Bridge Footbridge
Franconia Brook Footbridge
More Railroad Junk!
East Branch Pemigewasset Wilderness Suspension Bridge at Lincoln Woods Trailhead

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