Mount Notch Hancock / Mount South Hancock / Mount Hale ~ December 22nd, 2011

 Hancock Notch Trail
 Hancock Notch Trail
 Crossing the Cedar Brook
 Cedar Brook
 Cedar Brook Trail
 Cedar Brook Trail
 Half Frozen Cedar Brook
 Flat area before the steep ascent up the North Branch of the Hancock Loop Trail
 Hancock Loop Trail
 Hancock Loop Trail just before North Hancock's summit
 North Hancock Summit
Great views from North Hancock's Outlook
 Hancock Loop Trail
 Hancock Loop Trail
 Hancock Loop Trail just before South Hancock's Summit
 South Hancock Summit
 South Branch of the Hancock Loop Trail
 Hancock Loop Trail Split
 Cedar Brook Crossing on the Hancock Loop Trail
 Cedar Brook trail
 Hancock Notch Trail
 Cedar Brook along the Hancock Notch Trail
 Start of the Hancock Notch Trail
 Hale Brook Trailhead
Kiosk Info for Mount Hale 
 Hale Brook Trail
 Hiking up the Hale Brook Trail
 Mount Hale Summit
 View from Mount Hale's Summit
 Rock pile on Mount Hale's Summit
 Mount Hale Summit area
End of the Hale Brook Trail  
 Crossing the Hale Brook 
 Hale Brook Trail
 Hale Brook Crossing
 Mount Oscar and Rosebrook
 Hale Brook Trail
 Hale Brook Trail 
 Hale Brook Trail
 Hale Brook Trailhead
 Zealand Road
 Thin layer of ice on Zealand Road
 Stone rock wall along the banks of the Zealand River
Zealand River 
 Zealand River and Mount Hale
 Router 302
Zealand River from 302
 Zealand Road (last year 12/23 - this year 12/22)
 Hale Brook Trail (last year - this year)
 Mount Hale (last - year - this year)
Mount Hale Summit Rock Pile (last year - this year)

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