Rim to Rim to Rim / R3 / r2r2r / Grand Canyon Double Crossing ~ May 20th, 2014

 Heading past Ohh Aww Point
 O'Neil Butte
Red clay covered trail
 Early morning on the South Kaibab Trail
Starting off on the North Kaibab Trail 
 One mile past Phantom Ranch
 Entering 'The Box'
 Early morning sun shining on the upper walls of the canyon
 Trail blasted out of the side of the wall
 A little bit of open space inside the Box
 Bright Angel Creek
 Heading up to one of many bridges along the North Kaibab Trail
 Looking up above at the Canyon walls
 Crossing over a footbridge along the way
 Breaking out into the open
 Heading to Cottonwood Camp
 The trail crosses over this tiny six foot waterfall
 North Kaibab Trail
 Narrow section of the North Kaibab Trail
 Cottonwood Camp
 Cottonwood Camp ranger headquarters
 Sun takes over the whole canyon
 Big boulder waterfall
 Looking up at a plateau near the Pumping Station
 Bridge next to the Pumping Station
 Pumping Station outhouse
 Looking back into the canyon
 The North Kaibab Trail starts to gain some elevation
 Geology information sign
 Roaring Springs Waterfall
 Looking up into the canyon.  Notice the old telephone wires
 Gaining elevation along the North Kaibab Trail
 Hikers taking to the shade to cool off for a moment
 Geology info
 Animal information on desert animals
 This section of the trail has been blasted out of the side of a canyon wall!
 More geology information!
 Even though you gain more elevation the closer you get to the north rim, the trail has excellent footing
 Suppai Tunnel!
 The final stretch up to the north rim
 North Kaibab Trailhead, north rim terminus
 Beginning of the North Kaibab Trail
 Coconino Outlook
 Suppai Tunnel
 The North Kaibab Trail can be see crossing a chasm then heading along a canyon wall
 Bridge with a view
 North Kaibab Trail, it doesn't show it very well but the drop off to the left is hundreds of feet
 Pumping Station bridge
Old telephone pole! 
 A small butte along the North Kaibab Trail
Leaving Cottonwood Camp 
The Grand Canyon at it's best 
 Footbridge to Ribbon Falls
Ribbon Falls 
 Looking up at Ribbon Falls
 Ribbon Falls drops over the trail
 Ribbon Falls
 Into the great wide open
 Heading back into 'The Box'
 Hikers kicking up some dust
 A small patch of shade on the North Kaibab Trail
 Looking up at the canyon walls
 Bright Angel Creek Canyon
 Old telephone pole!
 Breaking out of the Box and heading to Phantom Ranch
 Phantom Ranch
 Historic marker for the telephone line
 Bright Angel Creek
 If I wasn't properly hydrated I would think this was a Unicorn
 Silver Bridge
 Mile thirty-sixish!
Silver Bridge 
 The Colorado River
 The sand pit section of the Bright Angel Trail
 Desert Paradise
 The sand section is actually the worst footing section of the day
 Heading along the upper banks of the Colorado River
 Looking down at the emerald green Colorado River
 The mighty Colorado River
 Entering the Vishnu Schist
Bright Angel Trail 
 A canyon wall with some green plant life
 A nice shady section on the lower end of the Bright Angel Trail
 Bright Angel Trail
Devil's Corkscrew 
 Heading towards Indian Gardens
 Bright Angel Trail
 A nice grassy section along the trail
 Rattle snack!
 He was moving towards a patch of sun
 Leaving Indian Gardens
 Water pipeline, amazing!
 Limestone wall
 Looking back down to Indian Gardens
 Plateau Point and looking up to the north rim
 The Battleship
Max pointed this out to me off the trail, pretty cool!
 The Grand Canyon
 Plateau Point
 It's like walking a treadmill ramp!
 Winding my way up to the top
 The final section of trail
 before and after shot of my trail runners, not too bad!
Route for the day, click here for more details

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