Grand Canyon: Horseshoe Mesa ~ May 18th, 2014

Grandview Trailhead Kiosk
Descending the Grandview Trail
Narrow trail in spots
Footing is a little rougher but still very good compared to the Whites
Dropping down from the canyon's rim
Follow the yellow brick road!
A nice mini cactus on the side of the trail
Return of the red clay hiking
This little guy was getting some rays
Grandview Canyon
This wall shows the different levels of color as it drops
Another look back up to the rim
Horseshoe Mesa
Horseshoe Mesa and across the canyon
Stay Out!
Horseshoe Mesa
Inside the remnants of the building
Horseshoe Mesa
Old fireplace
Where I came down from
The Grandview Trail become level at Horseshoe Mesa
Big views down from Horseshoe Mesa
Nature's Trail Marker!
The Grand Canyon, looking east
Granite Gorge
Views from Horseshoe Mesa Plateau
The South Rim
On Horseshoe Mesa Point
Taking in the views!
Old herd path along the point
Colorado River
Granite Gorge
Horseshoe Mesa
Bushwhacking is pretty easy at Horseshoe Mesa
Split Rock!
Horseshoe Mesa
Grandview Point
Cottonwood Creek
Old minor's junk!
Heading back up the Grandview Trail
The trail travels along the bottom of this butte
Grandview Point Slide
Grandview Point
Grandview Point
Looks like a cobblestone trail!
Horseshoe Mesa Plateau Point
Horseshoe Mesa and its point
Looking back down into the canyon
Horseshoe Mesa
The Grand Canyon!
Grandview Canyon
The trail traveled through the middle lower section of this butte
Narrow section of the trail!
Little spooky with the narrow and rough footing!
Where I came up from.  The trail goes around the butte at the bottom then across the next one
Route for the day, click here for details

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