Mount Monroe / Mount Washignton / Mount Jefferson ~ March 7th, 2014

Base Station Road
Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail
Cole patiently waiting for everyone
Cole, gets bored waiting so he finds a stick to play with
Heading up the steep section above the gem pool
Cole, just hanging out!
Denise and David make there way up the trail
Crossing the Monroe Brook
Cole, sunning himself
Cole, again waits patiently for us
Denise makes her way up to treeline
Cole, yup waiting!
Kyle and David smile for a picture, while Denise takes a picture
Alpine Zone!
Bright, chilly sun shines over Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail
Bright, chilly sun shines over Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail
Cole leads the way up to Lakes of the Clouds
Beautiful winter landscape below Lakes of the Clouds
Cole, navigating the ice
Lakes of the Clouds Hut
The gang makes its way up to Lakes of the Clouds
High above Ammonoosuc Ravine
Mount Washington's southern slopes
Animal Cruelty!
Denise heads up Mount Monroe
Lakes of the Clouds Hut
Mount Washington
Southern Presidential Range
Brenton Woods
Alton and Cole head down Mount Monroe
Kyle, Denise, and David on the Monroe Loop Trail
Cole walking up to the roof of the Lakes of the Clouds Hut
Weather warning sign on the Crawford Path
Mount Monroe rising above Lakes of the Clouds
Denise on the Crawford Path
Southern Presidential Range
Summit cone of Washington
Alton, makes her way to the summit
Mount Washington Summit
Mount Washington Summit
Mount Washington Summit
Cole and Alton
Top of the 48 - 4,000 footers
Denise, Kyle, Alton, and Cole
Alton running down the Nelson Crag Trail to the tracks
Summit cone of Mount Washington
Northern Presidential Range
Cog Railway
Cog Tracks
Cole, patiently waiting...again!
Hiking along the tracks
Cole, waiting to catch the train!
Mount Adams and Madison
Southern Presidential Range
Lakes of the Clouds and Mount Monroe
Heading up to Mount Clay
Summit of Mount Clay
Cole, waiting in a col!
Cole running!
Mount Washington
Cole and Alton
Heading to Mount Jefferson
Descending Mount Clay
Sphinx Col
Cole, scoping out the way to Mount Jefferson
High clouds above the Presidential Range
Mount Clay and Washington
Cole at Monticello Lawn
Mount Washignton
Mount Jefferson
Cole on Mount Jefferson
Monticello Lawn
Alton heading over Monticello Lawn
Monticello Lawn
Monticello Lawn
Alton leads the way along the Gulfside Trail
Mount Clay and Washington
Heading around Mount Clay
Franconia Ridge way off in the distance
Brenton woods and the Twin Range
Along the Gulfside Trail
Cole, once again waiting for us!
Mount Monroe
Marshfield Station
Jewell Trail
Marshfield Station
Alton, Denise, Kyle, myself
Cole, waiting patiently one last time!

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