Mount Jackson ~ February 23rd, 2014

 Alton heads up the Webster-Jackson Trail, while Cole takes a break
 Cole walks over a snowbridge
 Cole goes for a stroll!
 At the link junction for the Webster-Jackson Trail
 Alton heading into a pencil pine grove forest
 Kat trying to get the boys to behave
 Cole growling at Murphy
 Cole on the summit ledges of Mount Jackson
 Cole waiting patiently for us
 Alton and Cole head up the ledges
 Early morning on Mount Jackson
 Mount Jackson Summit
 Mount Washington and the Presidential Range
 Southern Presidential Range
 Alton and Cole
 Ont he summit of Mount Jackson...Looks like Alton is taller than me, I must be shrinking in my old age!
 Monroe and Washington!
 Willey Range
 Washington's Summit Cone
 Alton descending the Webster-Jackson Trail
 Cole heding up Mount Willard!
 Mount Willey
 Slides of Willey
 Alton and Cole high above Crawford Notch
 Looking towards Mount Jackson and Pierce
 Alton, Cole, and Mount Webster
 Crawford Notch
 On Mount Willard
Cole makes a new friend!

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