Zealand Mountain, West Bond, Mount Bond, and Bondcliff ~ September 21st, 2013

 Beaver Pond along the Zealand Trail
 Zealand Pond
 Carrigain Notch from the Zeacliff Outlook on the Twinway
 Whitewall Mountain
Mount Washington 
 Whitewall Mountain
 Pemigewasset Wilderness with Mount Carrigain and the Hancocks
 Mount Washington, Clay, and Jefferson
 Mount Eisenhower, Monroe, and Washington
 Dusty and Denis on Zealand Mountain
 Mount Guyot
Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge 
Heading to the Twinway / Bondcliff trail junction
 Mount Lafayette, Truman, and Lincoln
 Bob telling Denise, "Welcome to Heaven"
 The slides of the Twin range
 Redrock Pond
 Franconia Brook Drainage, and the Garfield Ridge
 Dusty on Mount Bond!
 West Bond
 Owl's Head with Mount Liberty and Flume Mountain
 Cliffs of Bond
 Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge
 Lincoln Slide
 Hancocks, notice the old skidder road lines running along the mountains!
 Mount Carrigain
 Denise on her 48th Peak!
 Pushups on the 48
 Bob, Geri, and Dusty
 Denise taking a pic of B&G&D
 Mount Bond
 Bob and Denise trail running
Denise and Dusty relaxing on the final peak 
 Hikers enjoying the view on Mount Carrigain
 West Bond Slide
 Bob and Dusty running after Denise
 Pemigewasset Wilderness Boundary
 Franconia Brook
 Denise shows off her bloody knee!
 Oseeo Tail Junction
 Denise finishing strong
 Lincoln Woods Suspension Bridge
Geri finishing another Zealand - Bonds Traverse!

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