Mount Carrigain ~ September 29th, 2013

Beautiful day along the Zealand Trail 
 Zealand Trail board walk
 Zealand Pond
 Spider web on the water
 Pretty nifty water web!
 Geri running through Zealand Notch
 Denise and Steve trail running along the Ethan Pond Trail
 Ethan Pond Trail
 Tiny alpine meadow on the eastern shoulder of Mount Bond
Throeau Falls 
 North Fork
 Shoal Pond
 Shoal Pond
 Mount Carrigain
 Dusty, Bob, and Denise lead the way
 Shoal Pond Trail
 Running the Shoal Pond Trail
 A tiny pool of water along the Shoal Pond Brook
 A nice little gem pool right off the trail
 Dusty, Bob, and Denise enjoying the pool
 Taking a nice break
 Shoal Pond Brook Gem Pool
 Steven helping Geri cross the Shoal Pond Brook
An overgrown section of trail 
 Shoal Pond Trail
 Stillwater Junction
 Stillwater Junction
 Dusty leads the way up the steep Desolation Trail
 Pemi Wilderness Boundary on top of Mount Carrigain
 Pemigewasset Wilderness
 Zealand Notch
 Whitewall Mountain
 Shoal Brook
 Where we cam from
 Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge
 Stairs Mountain
 Mount Lowell
 New Bog bridges on the Signal Ridge Trail
 Carrigain Notch / Signal Ridge Trail Junction

Carrigain Notch / Signal Ridge Trail Junction 

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