Lafayette, Owl's Head, Garfield, Lincoln ~ September 28th, 2013

My route for the day: Not an exact track, I added the lines in Photoshop :)
 Mount Lincoln from an outlook along the Old Bridle Path
 The 'Agonies'
 Greenleaf Hut and Mount Lafayette
 Eagle Lake and Mount Lafayette
 Low clouds north of the Franconia Notch
 Cannon Mountain from the Greenleaf Trail just below Mount Lafayette's summit
 Lonesome Lake with North and South Kinsman
 Echo Lake
 Low cloud cover near Bethlehem
 Mount Lafayette Summit
 Mount Garfield, Galehead, South and North Twin
Rock buddies enjoying the early morning view from the old foundation on the summit 
 Classic Franconia Ridge Shot
 Next stop, Owl's Head!
Top of the Lincoln/Truman Slides 
 Mount Lincoln from the slide
 Looking down the Lincoln slide
 The slide narrows and becomes a drainage
 Looking up the Lincoln Slide
 Loose gravel and jumbled rocks of the slide
 The slide becomes a stream
 Following the stream into the Lincoln Brook Valley of the Pemigewasset Wilderness
 A nice cascade along the stream
 Looking back up at the Lincoln / Truman Slides
 Truman Branch of the slide
 Truman Slide
 Bushwhacking off the stream was thick in some spots
 Back to hiking in the stream
 Bottoming out along the stream
 Open bushwhack down low
 Another cascade, closing in on the Lincoln Brook
 Popping out on the Lincoln Brook Trail!
 Lincoln Brook
 Owl's Head Path Junction
 Bottom of the Owl's Head Slide
 Franconia Ridge from the Owl's Head Slide
 Lincoln and Truman Slides
 Close up on the Truman Slide
 Lincoln Brook Valley
 Mount Liberty and Flume behind that 'bump' in the Pemi
 Hiking along the ridge
 Old summit tree
 New Summit Cairn
 Mount Lincoln is on the left, Mount Truman is in the middle, Mount Lafayette is on the right
 Lincoln / Truman Slides
 Truman Slide
 Owl's Head Slide
 Lincoln Brook Trail
 Old railroad grades along the Lincoln Brook Trail
 Some wet section to be navigated
 Beautiful Railroad Grades on the Lincoln Brook Trail
 Lincoln Brook Trail
 A nice mossy section along the Lincoln Brook Trail
 Lincoln Brook Trail
 Lincoln Brook Trail
 Lincoln Brook Trail
 Heading down to Thirteen Falls
 A little gorge on the Lincoln Brook
 Lincoln Brook
 Lincoln Brook
 Foliage Blanket!
 Thirteen Falls
 Franconia Brook
Franconia Brook Trail 
 Old campsite on the Franconia Brook Trail
 Pemi Wilderness Boundary
 Garfield Ridge Trail
 Owl's Head from Mount Garfield
 Mount Lafayette
 Mount Liberty and Flume Mountain off in the distance
 Galehead and the Twin Range
 Galehead Hut
 Franconia Brook Valley
 Twin Mountain
 Mount Garfield Summit Area
 Garfield Ridge Trail
 Garfield Pond
 Garfield Ridge Trail
 Hitting the alpine zone on the north shoulders of Mount Lafayette
 Hiking up above treeline
 Fall in the White Mountains
 Garfield Ridge Trail
 I-93 and Route 3
 Twin Range
 Owl's Head
 Greenleaf Hut, Cannon Mountain and the Kinsman Ridge
 Mount Garfield to Galehead, to the twin Range
 Mount Garfield
 Owl's Head
 Lincoln Brook Valley
 The conga line down the Greenleaf Trail
 Mount Lafayette Summit
 The Franconia Ridge
 Mount Lafayette
 Looking down to the swamps of the Lincoln Brook
 Top of the Lincoln / Truman Slides
 Bottom of the Lincoln / Truman Slides
Mount Lafayette 
 Owl's Head Slide
 Owl's Head
 Mount Cannon
 Franconia Notch
 Franconia Notch
 Owl's Head
 Lincoln Slide
 Mount Lincoln
 Mount Liberty and Flume Mountain
 Mount Cannon
 Greenleaf Hut
 North and South Kinsman
 Falling waters Trail cascade
 Cloudland Falls
 Staircase Falls
Cannon Mountain and the Jeep Bad Ass from the Trailhead!

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