North Moat Mountain ~ June 9th, 2012

 Summit of North Moat Mountain
 Sandwich Wilderness
 Moat Mountain Ridge looking towards Middle Moat
 Alton getting goofy on North Moat
 Summit Picture
 Me on the Moat Mountain Trail
 Alton having fun on the Moat Mountain Trail
 Red Ridge Trail
 Red Ridge Trail
 Cranmore Mountain Ski Area
 Alton descending the Red Ridge Trail
 Madison Boulder, it's a big rock!
 Cathedral Ledge
 Alton on Cathedral Ledge
 Cathedral Ledge
Cathedral Ledge

1 comment:

  1. I've lived here for 12 years and still haven't seen Madison Boulder. Very nice pictures of my home town though.

    Very nice socks, I'm not certain if they are dated yet though.