Gothics / Armstrong / Upper Wolfjaw ~ June 4th, 2012

W.G. Howard 
 Johns Brook Suspension Bridge
 Small cascade along the Orbed Brook Trail
 Orbed Brook Slide
 Gideon hiking on the Orbed Brook Trail
 Josh tries to get good footing up a middy section of trail
 Orbed Brook Slide
 Hiking through the destrusction of Hurricane Irene
 Orbed Brook Slide
 Josh and Gideon ascending the slide
Josh and Gideon ascending the slide 
 Looking up the Orbed Brook Slide
 Cables of Gothics
 Joshe ascending Gothics
 Josh using the cable for assistance
 ADK Range Trail up to Gothics
 Josh taking a picture of Gideon on the cables
 Josh heading up the Cables to the summit of Gothics
 The Cable sof Gothics
 Gideon on the cable section
 Approaching the summit area of Gothics
 ADK Range Trail between Gothics and Armstrong
 Armstrong Mountain summit
 ADK Range Trail coming down from Armstrong Mountain
 Upper Wolfjaw Summit
 Middle Wolfjaw Summit
Wolfjaw Lean-to on the ADK Range Trail
 DEC Interior Outpost
Bill Howard Lean-to

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  1. Chirs,
    Great report thanks for sharing!!! Always an adventure, glad you guys all made it out safely, those cold ones must have tasted real good!!
    Thanks again for the email,