North Hancock & South Hancock Mountains ~ June 22nd, 2012

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 Ted and Alton hiking up the Hancock Loop Trail's North Link
 Hancock Loop Trail
Staircase section of the steep Hancock Loop Trail 
 Eroded Hancock Loop Trail
 Heading up the Hancock Loop Trail
 Erosion prevention logs on the Hancock Loop Trail
 South Hancock as seen from the North Link of the Hancock Loop Trail
 Ascending the steep Hancock Loop Trail
 Gaining the Hancock ridge
 Approaching North Hancock
 Mount Hancock's Summit
 View from the Outlook on Mount Hancock
 South Hancock from North Hancock
 Ted and Alton
 Alton and me
 Gray Jay scoping out the situation
 Ted feeding a Gray Jay
 Alton trying to feed a Gray Jay
 Ted multitasking!
 Gray Jay waiting for some hand outs
 Gray Jay enjoying the views
Ted and Alton navigate the mud bog on the Hancock Ridge
South Hancock Summit
Ted andc Alton on the Summit of South Hancock
Cedar Brook / Hancock Loop Trail Junction
Ted and Alton crossing the Kancamagus at the hairpin turn
Hancock Notch Trailhead
Osceola's from the Hancock Notch Trailhead

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