Hut to Hut Traverse ~ June 16th, 2012

 Nineteen-Mile Brook trailhead
 Darkness on the Nineteen-Mile Brook Trail
 Carter Notch Hut
 Brook Crossing on the Nineteen-Mile Brook Trail
 Route 16
 Great Gulf Trail Suspension Bridge
 Entering the Great Gulf Wilderness
 Toad, the only wildlife I saw all night!
 Into the dark above treeline on the Osgood Ridge
 Leaving the Parapet Trail
 Madison Spring Hut
 Mount Madison
 Thunderstorm Junction
 Gulfside Trail
 Mount Adams
 Edmands Col
 Mount Adams
 Great Gulf Wilderness Boundary at the Six Husbands Trail Junction
 The Rising Sun on the the Shoulder of Mount Adams
 Monticello Lawn
 Monticello Lawn
 Sunrise from the Monticello Lawn
 Gulfside Trail
 Mount Washington
 Sphinx Col
 Mount Jefferson
 Mount Washington
 Mount Monroe

 Mount Washington
 Brenton Woods
 The Cog Railroad

 Southern Presidential Range
 Mount Monroe
 The Lakes of the Clouds 'shark'
 Mount Monroe Loop Trail
 Lakes of the Clouds Hut
 Lakes of the Clouds Hut
 Lakes of the Clouds Hut
 Mount Monroe
 Davis Path
 Brenton Woods
 Mount Monroe and Washington
 Mount Eisenhower 
 Crawford Path
 Presidential Range
 Mount Eisenhower, Monroe, and Washington
 Mizpah Springs Hut
 Highland Center
 Sacco Lake Route 302
 A-Z Trail
 A-Z Trail
 Zealand Ponds
Zealand Mountain 
 Zealand Ponds
 Zealand Falls Hut
 Hiking on the Twinway
 The Twinway above Zeacliff
 The Twinway
Pemigewasset Wilderness 
 Franconia Ridge
 The Twin Range
 Guyot and the Bonds
 South Twin Summit
 Galehead Hut
 The Garfield Ridge Trail
 Mount Lincoln and Lafayette (L to R)
 Garfield Ridge Trail
 Mount Garfield 
 The Kinsman Ridge
 Greenleaf Hut and Cannon Mountain
 Mount Lafayette Summit
 Cannon Ski Area
 Greenleaf Hut
 Greenleaf Hut
 Lonesome Lake Trail
 Dessert time at Lonesome Lake Hut
Lonesome Lake Hut


  1. Thank you! Beautiful pictures and a unique hike in the dark. Loved the sunrise shots.


  2. Wow. That's one of the biggest hiking days I've ever heard of. Nuts!

    1. Hi Sam,

      Loved every second of it, it was my all time favorite hike, starting at midnight, watching the sun come up above treeline, just a lot of fun over many miles and different types of terrain in the White's!!