Hut to Hut Traverse ~ August 12th/13th, 2011

Nineteen-Mile Brook Trail 
 Nineteen-Mile Brook Trail
 Carter Notch Lake and Wildcat "A" Peak
 Carter Notch Lake
 Drained east section of Carter Notch Lake
 Carter Notch Lake
 Alton with Carter Dome rising behind her
 Carter Notch Hut
 Alton at Carter Notch Hut
 Myself at Carter Notch Hut 4:10pm
 Brook Crossing at on the Nineteen-Mile Brook Trail 4:43pm
Great Gulf Trailhead 5:27pm
Suspension Bridge over the Peabody River 5:31pm
Great Gulf Wilderness Boundary 5:57pm
Hiking up the Osgood Trail 6:26pm
Clouds Engulfing Mount Washington 7:05pm
Looking towards Pinkham Notch and Wildcat Mountain Range 7:05pm
Hiking up the Osgood Trail 7:12pm
Osgood Cutoff 7:33pm
Hiking along the Parapet Trail 7:36pm
Looking back to the Osgood Trail on the north east shoulder of Mount Madison 7:38pm
Parapet Trail 7:43pm
Madison Springs Hut 8:06pm
Madison Springs Hut 8:07pm
Madison Springs Hut 8:07pm
Great visibility along the A.T. 11:16pm
Visibility clearing at Lakes of the Clouds 11:38pm
Lakes of the Clouds 11:38pm
Full Moon at Lakes of the Clouds 11:38pm
Lakes of the Clouds 11:40pm
Lakes of the Clouds 11:40pm
Lakes of the Clouds Hut 11:40pm
Crawford Path 11:53pm
Alton on the Crawford Path 12:20am
Crawford Path / Mount Eisenhower Trail Junction 12:35am
Webster Cliff Trail (Mount Pierce) 1:30am
Mizpah Spring Hut 1:58am
Mizpah Cutoff / Crawford Path Junction 2:23am
Full moon above the Mount Tom/Field Col from the Highland Center 3:30am

Carrigain Notch from Zealand Falls Hut 6:30am
New step ladder on the Twinway 7:52am
Hiking the Twinway on Mount Guyot's northeast summit 9:03am
West Bond (background left), Mount Guyot (foreground), Flume and Liberty (background right) 9:03am
Twin Range 9:04am
Mount Guyot, Flume, and Liberty 9:04am
Pemigewasset Wilderness, with Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge 9:04am
Hiking through the Twin Range 9:04am
Mount Garfield rising above Southwest Twin 9:04am
Mount Garfield, Lafayette, and Lincoln from South Twin 10:12am
Mount Lafayette and Lincoln from Mount Garfield 12:40pm
Owl's Head, Flume and Liberty 12:40 pm
Hiking along the Garfield Ridge Trail 2:20pm
Skookumchuck Trail Junction on the Garfield Ridge Trail 2:20pm
Mount Lafayette Summit 2:25pm
Lots of hikers making their way to and from Mount Lafayette's summit 2:25pm
Greenleaf Hut, Cannon Mountain, North and South Kinsman 2:34pm
Greenleaf Hut and Cannon Mountain 2:34pm
Greenleaf Hut and Eagle Lake 2:34pm
Owl's Head from Garfield Ridge Trail 2:36pm
The Bonds (West Bond, Bond, and Bondcliff) from the Garfield Ridge Trail 2:36pm
Mount Garfield 2:36pm
Eagle Cliff and Cannon Mountain Ski Area 2:36pm
Greenleaf Hut below Cannon Mountain, North and South Kinsman above Lonesome Lake 2:40pm
Lonesome Lake and Lonesome Lake Hut from the Greenleaf Trail 2:45pm

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  1. amazing pictures and info! you have inspired me to hike the white mountains this summer! see you out there!