MMD 2011: South & Middle Carter, Height, Carter Dome, Wildcat A-D Peaks, Washington, Clay, Jefferson, Madison, Adams ~ July 30th, 2011

Hiking up the North Imp Trail 12:30am
Awesome visibility on the Carter-Moriah Trail 2:15am
Middle Carter Summit Marker 2:45am
 Hiking down to Zeta Pass 2:55am
 Alton is all smiles at Zeta Pass 3:03am
 Hiking down to Carter Notch 4:07am
Carter Notch Hut 4:30am
Hiking up to Wildcat "A" Peak 4:57am
Northern Presi's from Wildcat Ridge 5:23am
Wildcat "D" Peak 5:27am
Wildcat Ridge Trail 5:29am
Wildcat Ridge Trail 5:43am
Jogging down the Polecat Ski Trail 6:11am
Jogging down the Polecat Ski Trail 6:11am
Carter Notch from Lila's Ledge 6:53am
Wildcat Ski Areas from Lila's Ledge 6:53am
Hiking up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail 8:06am
Hiking up the Lion Head Trail 8:46am
Froggy Rock! 8:55am
Into the Clouds on the Lion Head Trail 9:17am
Tuckerman Ravine / Lion Head Junction 9:45am
Mount Washington Summit 10:03 am
Mount Clay Loop Trail 11:25am
Hiking to the  Sphinx Col 11:47am
Sphinx Col 11:48am
Hiking up the Gulfside Trail 11:54am
Monticello Lawn 12:00pm
Mount Jefferson Summit Cairn 12:15pm
Alton getting back on the correct trail! 12:16pm
Heading down the Mount Jefferson Loop Trail 12:25pm
Just above Edmands Col 12:30pm
Mount Adams Summit 1:30pm
Star Lake 2:00pm
Madison Springs Hut 2:25pm
Mount Madison Summit 2:40pm
Pinkham Notch from Osgood Trail 2:55pm
Wildcat Mountains 3:00pm
Osgood Junction 3:00pm
Osgood Junction 3:00pm
Osgood Junction 3:00pm
Osgood Junction 3:00pm
Howker Ridge from the Daniel Webster-Scout Trail 3:05pm
Howker Ridge 3:05pm
Carter Range 3:15pm

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