A.M.C. White Mountain Hut Traverse ~ July 12th, 2014

Route for the day (click here for Garmin  /  Click here for Strava)
 Heading up to Carter Notch Hut in the 1 a.m. hour
 Jesse trail running along the Nineteen-Mile Brook Trail
 Carter Notch Lake, the moon shining high above
 Breaking above treeline on the Osgood Trail.  Looking to the north into Maine as dawn breaks
 Jesse's headlamp lighting the way along the Osgood Ridge
 Osgood Junction
 The moon setting below Mount Adams
 Hiking along the Parapet Trail, what a gnarly mess of boulder hopping!
 Dawn in the Madison / J.Q. Adams Col
 Star Lake, J.Q. Adams and Mount Adams
 Star Lake at dawn
 Madison Springs Hut
Looking back at the hut and Mount Madison's summit cone 
 The sun breaks above Mount Madison
 Crag Camp
  Jesse heading along the Gulfside Trail, high above the ravine fit for a king in a golden morning glow. 
  Thunderstorm Junction
  Our route heads to the east of Mount Jefferson, and west of Mount Clay and Washington
  Mount Jefferson
  Heading south on the Gulfside Trail. Castellated Ridge on lower right
  Jesse trail running by the Six Husnands Trail junction 
  Monticello Lawn
  Jesse running towards Mount Clay
  Mount Clay and Washington
  The Sphinx Col!
  Looking back at Mount Jefferson and Adams
  Next stop, Lakes of the Clouds Hut and Mount Monroe
  Mount Clay alpine meadow
  Jesse approaching Mount Washington
  Westside Trail approaching the Cog Railway
  Jesse with the northern Presidential Range behind him
  Southern Predidential Range
  Jesse on the Westside Trail
  Lakes of the Clouds Hut and Mount Monroe
Descending the Crawford Path to Lakes of the Clouds Hut 
 Looking back up to the summit of Mount Washington
 Approaching Lakes of the Clouds
Lakes of the Clouds and Mount Washington 
Lakes of the Clouds Hut 
 Jesse leaving the hut
 Jesse sets the pace on the Crawford Path below Mount Monroe
 Jesse heads across the Franklin Flats
 Heading to Mount Eisenhower
 The Crawford Path in the scrub
 The Presidential Range from Mount Pierce
 Webster-Cliff Trail above Mizpah Spring Hut
 Mizpah Spring Hut
 Crawford Path southern terminus
 Top of Crawford Notch,  Route 302
 Crawford Scenic Railroad
 Jesse on the A-Z Trail
 Zealand Pond
 Zealand Falls Hut
 Upper Zealand Falls
 The Twinway to Zealand Mountain
 Mount Guyot
 The Franconia Ridge
 Mount Garfield
 The Twinway below South Twin
 Mount Garfield and the Franconia Ridge from South Twin
 Galehead Hut
 The Garfield Ridge Trail!
 Looking back to Galehead Mountain, the hut, and South Twin
 The Garfield Ridge Trail is a mess of a trail in spots!
 Looking at Mount Lafayette and the Franconia Ridge from Mount Garfield
 Alpine Zone!
 Mount Garfield
 The last two huts of the day are in view, Greenleaf and Lonesome Lake
 The Garfield Ridge Trail up and over North Lafayette
 Approaching the summit of Mount Lafayette
 Mount Lafayette Summit
 Descending the Greenleaf Trail
 Cannon Mountain
 Lonesome Lake from the Greenleaf Trail
 Approaching Greenleaf Hut
 Greenleaf Hut and Mount Lafayette
 Descending the Old Bridle Path
 Old Bridle Path
 Lafayette Place Trailhead
Lonesome Lake Trail 
 Lonesome Lake
 Lonesome Lake Hut!
 Last view of the day, Franconia Ridge from Lonesome Lake Hut
My LaSportiva Bushidos felt great but they started falling apart!

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