Mount Washington ~ June 21st, 2014

 Peabody River Suspension Bridge
Parapet Brook 
 West Branch Suspension Bridge
 Clam Rock
 Mount Jefferson from the West Branch
 Nice little swimming hole
The Great Gulf Trail 
 Denise at one of the cascades
 Small waterfall along the Great gulf Trail
 Close up of the waterfall in the previous picture
 Another little 'shelf' waterfall
 Dual waterfall / cascade
 Marc crosses the west branch
 Weetamoo Falls
 Weetamoo falls
 The Great Gulf Trail
 Alpine zone, just past the Spaulding Lake
 Heading up the Great Gulf headwall
 Marc leads the way
 Spaulding Lake
 Denise leads the way
 Sean gets a good grip as he navigates the brook section of the trail
 Marc taking a break
 Julia and Denise head up the loose talus
 Looking up to the top of the headwall, it's steep!
 The gang makes their way up
 Denise, Julia, and Sean head back over to the trail
 Looking back down
 A little cave
 Slowly making our way up
 Marc, takes a break to take in the views
 Mount Clay and Jefferson
 Denise on the final section of the headwall
 Hikers making there way up the Gulfside Trail to our west
 Gaining the ridge, the summit is in the clouds, as usual!
 Julia gains the ridge
 Two beautiful dogs enjoying the cool weather and high winds
 The Cog!
 Lizzie Bourne Memorial
 The cog
 On the way down the clouds cleared off
 The Cog with Ball Crag behind it
 Bike Week!
 Looking down the tracks, Mount Clay in view
 Nelson Crag terminus
 Descending Ball Crag
 Looking back up to the summit
 Wildcat Ridge and Ski Area
 Nelson Crag Trail
 Look at all those cairns!
 Dogs on Washington!
 Alpine Garden
 Alpine Garden Trail
 The beautiful and flat Alpine Garden Trail
 Boott Spur
 Alpine Garden Trail
 Hiking along the Alpine Garden Trail
 The Boott Spur rising above Tuckerman Ravine
 Tuckerman Ravine
 Tuckerman Ravine snow waterfall
 Upper Falls in Tuckerman Ravine
 Hermit Lake
Hermit Lake and slide formed from Hurricane Irene 
 Descending Lion Head Trail
 Froggy Rock!
 Boott Spur Slide
 Tuckerman Headwall
 Wildcat and Carter Range
Dropping back to treeline 
 Hermit Lake
 Crystal Cascade
 Crystal Cascade
 Denise, Marc. Sean, and Julia (L to R) 
 Ravine Info
Tuckerman Ravine Trailhead
Route for the day, click here for more details

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