Mount Lafayette & Mount Lincoln ~ June 29th, 2014

 Start of the Old Bridle Path
 First view of Mount Lincoln, from and outlook along Agony Ridge
 Agony Ridge, notice the little bumps, AKA PUDS! (pointless up and downs)
 Lonesome Lake, North and South Kinsman
 Lonesome Lake
 The Old Bridle Path
 Greenleaf Hut and Mount Lafayette
Eagle Lake and Mount Lafayette
 Greenleaf Trail
 Breaking out into the scrub at treeline
 Greenleaf Trail in the Alpine Zone
 Looking back at Greenleaf Hut and Cannon Mountain
Stealth campers, luckily when I snapped this they had clothes on!
 North Lafaytte
 Eagle Cliff, Echo Lake, Cannon Mountain Ski Area
 Approaching the summit of Mount Lafayette
Erin makes her way to the summit 
 Enjoying the views down into the notch
 Erin on the summit cone
 Mount Lafayette
Mount Lafayette
The classic Franconia Ridge shot! 
 Erin with the ridge behind her
 The Franconia Ridge Trail south
 Erin descending Mount Lafayette
Running the ridge
 Looking down into a drainage off Mount Truman
 Cannon Mountain rising above Greenleaf Hut
 Looking back to Mount Lafayette from Mount Truman
 Owls Head, the remote 'lump' that sits in the Pemigewasset Wilderness
Cannon Mountain 
 We looked like twins, the color coordination was unplanned!
Dogs on Mount Lincoln 
 Mount Lincoln
 Ridge to Little Haystack with Mount Liberty and Flume Mountain behind it
Mount Lincoln 
 The Gargoyles
 Beautiful clouds floating high above the White Mountains all day!
 Dogs running on Lil' Haystack!
 He looks sad, but this was a very happy and cool dog!
 Erin 'rock hopping'
Mini Cascade
Enjoying the cascades
 A mini waterfall along the Falling Waters Trail
 Another Waterfall, Upper Cloudland Falls
 Cloudland Falls
Erin and Cloudland Falls
Cloudland Falls
 Close up of the Falls
 Swiftwater Falls
 Stairs Falls
 Stairs Falls
 Trailhead info
Route for the day, click here for more details

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