Full Presidential Range Traverse: June 15th, 2014

 Appalachia Trailhead
 Weather Warning sign on the Valley Way Trail
 Tony and Kyle charging up Mount Madison
 Kyle on the summit of Mount Madison
 JQ Adams from the Star Lake
 Star Lake
 Wildcat Ridge
 Carter and Wildcat Ridge
 JQ Adams and Star Lake
 Star Lake Trail
 Tony on Mount Adams
 Kyle on Mount Adams
 Jefferson Loop Trail Junction
 Kyle on Mount Jefferson
 Heading down the Jefferson Loop Trail
 Monticello Lawn
 Kyle, trail running
 Sphinx Col
 Mount Clay Summit
 Hiking along the Gulfside Trail
 Walking next to the Cog Railroad
 The clouds trying to clear off the Northern Presidential Range
 Cog Trail
 The Cog
 Mount Washignton
Lakes of the Clouds 
 Mount Monroe Loop Trail
 Mount Monroe Summit
 Mount Franklin
 Running down the Crawford Path
 This sign is always like this!
 Mount Eisenhower Summit
 View from Mount Eisenhower
 Running down the Eisenhower Loop Trail
 Crawford Path
 Kyle heading down to the Crawford Path
 Awful conditions today!
 A.T. Junction
 Presidential Range
 Mount Pierce
 Mount Jackson Alpine Meadow
 Mount Jackson
 Mount Jackson
 View from Mount Jackson
 Kyle heading down the Webster-Cliff Trail
 Mount Webster
 Mount Monroe and Franklin
 Silver Cascade
Route for the day, click here for more details

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