Mount Moosilauke ~ January 25th, 2014

 Cole having a pre hike snack...twigs!
 Alton showing off here new devil hat while Cole still eats his twigs
 All smiles in his boy band outfit!
Lower end of the Beaver Brook Cascades 
 Making our way up the cascade section
 Kara and Sasha.  Sasha is standing on the rebar and grabbing a small stump up to safety
 Kara pushing off a tree to get traction
 Middle of the cascades
 Ascending steeply
 Navigating the steep
Cole, patiently waiting 
 Smile for the camera!
 Asquam Ridge Trail junction
 Kara and Sasha
 Cole posing like a cat!
 Kara, Alton, Cole, and Sasha
 Ice bulge!
 Poor Cole!
 Sasha leading the way
 Kara hiking up in the falling snow
 Cole, this is his hiking face, which is just like every other face!
 Untouched snow!
 Cole wonders around above treeline
 Cole waiting for us to catch up
 I can see two cairns ahead!
 Great visibility!
 That is the summit!
 Mount Moosilauke Summit
 Cole on Moosilauke
 Cheese time!
 Smile, got it, let's go!
 Cole heads back down the Moose
 Alton running down the Moose
 Rime hat - eyebrows - eyelashes - neck warmer - locks!
 Cole heading back up for his hill repeats!
 Cole causes a sledding accident!
Running down the Moose 
 Break time!
Falling down the Moose! 
 Rebar sections
 Alton and Cole maneuver the steeps
 Alton navigates the last tricky spot
 Beaver Brook Foot Bridge
Fancy Pants!

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