Mount Cardigan ~ February 16th, 2014

 Holt Trail Junction
 Alton and Cole heading up the Holt-Clark Cutoff
 Cole trail running!
 Alton picks Cole up for a picute
 Ski slopes off in the distance
 Heading up the Clark Trail
 Perfect skiing conditions
 Cole waiting for us!
 Hikers struggling up the summit cone
 View from just below Mount Cardigan's summit
 Final approach to the summit
 Alton leads the way
 On the summit
 Looking towards the Firescrew
Mount Cardigan observation tower 
 Ski slpoes
 Heading back down
 A hiker making her way up to the top
 Nice big cairns to lead the way
 Alton descending
 Lil' cabin
 Alton torturing Cole!
 Alton and Cole running down Mount Cardigan
 Footbridge over a little brook
 Cole makes a new friend
 A.M.C. Cardigan Lodge
Mount Cardigan Trailhead (eastern side of mountain)

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