Bondcliff, Bond, West Bond ~ February 1st, 2014

 East Branch Pemigewasset Suspension Bridge at the Lincoln Woods Trailhead.
 Lincoln Woods Trail, it used to be a railroad, the corridor is very distinct in this picture
 Small reroute of the Lincoln Woods Trail.  Hurricane Irene and tropical Storm Sandy Pants damaged the banks into the river causing a landslide into the river 
 The Franconia Brook footbridge,  The stone foundation is what is left over from an ancient railroad trestle
 Iced of Franconia Brook
 The old 'Wilderness Trail'  it is now part of the Bondcliff Trail
 This used to be where the Bondcliff Trail began and the Wilderness Trail kept going straight.  The Wilderness Trail is now abandoned but still sees traffic
 First crossing of the Black Brook on the Bondcliff Trail
 Second crossing of the Black Brook on the Bondcliff Trail
 Heading up the Bondcliff Trail, low snow levels for mid winter
 landslide section of the Bondcliff Trail
 Final water crossing on the Bondcliff Trail
 Usually the snow is a couple of feet higher and the trees are covered in snow
 snow levels increasing as the trail gains the ridge
 A short steep burst up to the Alpine Zone
 Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge.  This is a view to die for, after hiking for nine miles you are rewarded with a remote and wonderful view into the Pemigewasset wilderness
 Osceola's, Scar Ridge, and Loon Mountain
 Mount Garfield
 The classic Cliffs of Bond image.  Bondcliff, West Bond, and Bond
 Bondcliff summit flats
 Bondcliff Trail gradual descends to the Bond / Bondcliff Col
 Bright sun shining through an overcast sky
 Hancocks and Carrigain
 West Bond
 Hellgate Ravine, Owl's Head, and Franconia Ridge
 Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge
 Winter haze over the Osceola's
 Bondcliff from Bond
 Mount Tom, Field, and Willey with the Presidential Range looming off in the distance
 Mount Washington
 Mount Clay
 Mount Jefferson, if you know where to look you can see the Ridge of the Caps, and the Castellated Ridge
 Mount Monroe, Washington, Clay, and Jefferson
Mount Carrigain 
 Haze over the Greeley Ponds Valley
 West Bond from Bond
 The Lincoln Slide
 Bondcliff Trail descending from Mount Bond
 Bear Pond in Redrock Ravine
 West Bond Spur Path
 West Bond Summit
 Bondcliff from West Bond
 Mount Bond
 Bondcliff Ridge
 Scar Ridge and Loon Mountain
 Mount Garfield and the Garfield Ridge to Mount Lafayette
 Mount Garfield from West Bond
 The slides of the Twin Range
 Mount Guyot
 Mount Jefferson
 Carrigain Notch, Vose Spur and Mount Lowell
 Mount Chocorau poking out to say hi!
 Alpine Zone on Mount Bond
Clouds forming over Mount Washington
 Mount Bond's summit
 Bondcliff Trail, heading to Bondcliff
 The exposed ridge of Bondcliff
 The sun being stabbed by a shadow above Bondcliff
 Looking out towards East Osceola
 Mount Liberty and Flume Mountain
 Approaching Bondcliff's summit
 Franconia Brook and Bondcliff Trail Junction
 Pemigewasset Wilderness Boundary
 Franconia Brook
 Lincoln Woods Trail

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