Spaulding Lake ~ January 18th, 2014

 Great Gulf Trailhead
 Cole gnawing on a branch
 Bode with his little orange booties
 Hiking along the Great Gulf Trail
 Peabody River
 Bob on the lower section of the Great Gulf Trail
 Heading down from the Bluff
 Peabody River Suspension Bridge
 Andrew leads the way
 Clam Rock and Shiba Inu Dog!
 Gem Pool
 Jefferson's Knee
 Alton in her usual bright colors
 Another little nice summer swimming hole
 Bode tells Bob where to cross
 Cole takes the lead
 Low snow levels in the Great Gulf
 Great Gulf Trail
 Andrew heads up a tricky section
 Cole, lost his clothes!
Frozen over waterfall 
 West Branch of the Peabody River
 Alton looking for the perfect spot for a picture
 Got it!
 Wetamoo Falls
 Wetamoo Falls (I think)
 Heading to Spaulding Lake
 Another half frozen cascade
 Andrew enjoying the hike!
 The Great Gulf Headwall
 Great Gulf Headwall
 Alton looking for another spot for a picture
 Cole escapes
 Got it!
 Spaulding Lake and the Great Gulf Headwall
 Cole, photo-bombing!
 Bob and Bode
 Snack time!
 Taking in the views
 Iced over dike below Mount Clay
 God's playground
 My trail
 Crossing the Peabody
 Open water
 White Fang!
 Bode waiting patiently for Bob
 Peabody River Suspension Bridge
All that is missing is him licking the windows while wearing a helmet!

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