Giant Mountain & Rocky Peak Ridge ~ December 23rd, 2013

 Heading up a drainage on the Zander Scott Trail
 Lower Great Range
 Chapel Pond and Round Mountain
 Scarred walls of Round Mountain above Route 73
 Armstrong, Upper and Lower WolfJaw
 Zander Scott Trail just above the Giant Washbowl
 Roaring Brook / Zander Scott Trail Junction at the Washbowl
 A couple of days ago you could snowshoe across the frozen pond, now you have to take the old foot bridge
 Giant Washbowl
Outlet of the Giant Washbowl
 Nubble / Zander Scott Trail Junction
 Ice flow stretch on the Zander Scott Trail below the exposed ridge section
 Giant Washbowl, with Round and Noonmark Mountain and the Great Range
 Washbowl and Noonmark
 Left to right: Gothics, Armstrong, Upper and Lower WolfJaw
 Gothics through Rooster Comb
 Pyramid and Gothics
 Undercast to the south
 Round Mountain
Dix Range in the clouds
 Looking east toward a southern sub summit of Rocky Peak Ridge
 Green Mountains of Vermont
 Round and Noonmark Mountains from the ridge
 Zander Scott Trail, mix of snow, ice, and bare slab on the ridge
 Iced over Zander Scott Trail near the 'BUMP'
 Zander Scott / East Trail Junction
 Approaching the summit of Giant
 Giant Mountain Summit
 Interesting marker on the summit
Summit survey marker
Giant Mountain #2W
 Frozen Ice flow below the summit of Giant Mountain
 Rocky Peak Ridge from the East Trail
 Heading up the East Trail to RPR
 Rocky Peak Ridge Summit area
 RPR Summit area
 Rocky Peak Ridge #3W
 Giant / Rocky Peak Ridge Col
 Large blankets of ice heading back up to Giant Mountain, easier to ascend then descending
Back over the BUMP!
 Low level clouds just hanging around the Hammond Pond Forest area
 Twin Pond
 Looking toward the eastern edge of the Dix Range Wilderness
Hunters Pass
 The Lower Great Range
 Ausable Club
 Slides on the northeast face of Dix Mountain
 Undercast floating in from Vermont
 Dix Range
 Sawteeth, Pyramid, and Gothics
 Pyramid and Gothics
 More ice just below the exposed ridge
 Here fishy, fishy, fishy!
Zander Scott Trail Register

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